Oberlin’s Cleveland Immersion Program (CIP) is a module course that aims to expose students from all programs and backgrounds to the context and opportunities existing in Northeast Ohio.

Program Overview

Students explore Greater Cleveland through pre-work readings and meetings with a faculty member to prepare to visit innovative, established organizations that are leaders in social change through public-private partnerships, the nonprofit or public sectors, policy research grassroots organizing, and locally-owned businesses and entrepreneurs that rely on local sourcing and supply chains.

The program culminates with a day trip to Cleveland, where students spend the day connecting with community leaders, innovative organizations and institutions, and local Oberlin alumni.

Examples of previously highlighted organizations include Greater Cleveland Partnership, Cleveland Culinary Launch Kitchen, Metro West Community Development Organizations, the BOP STOP, Sustainable Community Associates, Fairmont Development and Flats East Bank Tour, and Playhouse Square.

Cleveland Immersion Program is offered as a module course (2 credits) during the fall and spring semesters and listed as SOCI/CAST 050 in the course catalog. The program is open to students of all academic backgrounds and rank.

CIP Resources

Read about former CIP participants’ final projects and blog page to learn more about topics covered and organizations highlighted through the program.

Final CIP Projects

CIP blog

Contact our office or faculty members Greggor Mattson or Gina Perez with any specific questions about the program.