Office of Communications

Starting a Web Project

Thinking of creating, reorganizing, adding to, or even revamping a website you manage within Talk to us first.

So You Want a Website/Web Page?

We’ll talk content strategy. We’ll help you prepare and or write your content; help you evaluate existing content; help you organize or reorganize it (navigation, nomenclature); help you determine elements and features available; and let you know about other websites and tools that may support and enhance your message.

What’s this “Content Strategy” about?

In a nutshell, content strategy is simply giving content strategic consideration; the ways in which we plan to create, deliver, and manage content that strikes a balance between the core message(s) we want to convey with what users/site visitors may want from us.

Content includes the design, structure, data, and metadata of a site. It incorporates both narrative and informative text, images, videos, social and media platforms, and tools. Thus, when taken together, should offer an interactive experience and help people:

  • Gather information (navigation, analytics)
  • Make a decision (give? apply? visit? download? upload? register?)
  • Get help (tech support, resolve a problem, ask a question)
  • Share information (email, various share apps, comment)

In keeping with the college’s marketing and communications efforts, our target audience for upper-level pages of is prospective (future) students and their families. The general audience (employees, other institutions, alumni, donors, community members, etc.) may find useful and perhaps engaging, however, other websites and webpages within are targeted to them.

Planning Your Web Project

Each time you want to create, amend, or reorganize content, we’ll ask you to ponder these basic questions:

  • Who am I trying to reach; who is my intended audience?
  • What do they want to know?
  • What do they need to do, if anything, once they come to the site?
  • Why is this information important?
  • When do I want the site to be ready?
  • Where will this information be located?
  • How will people find my site?
  • What is the site’s expected lifespan?
  • Who is going to maintain the site?

Contact Us

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