Donor Roll: Class of 2021 Parent & Family Tribute Gifts

Oberlin College is delighted to recognize the parents and family members of the class of 2021 who have made special gifts to celebrate their students’ achievement and support the college for the benefit of all. We will continue to display and periodically update this list through the Commencement event in May 2021.

To make a gift, visit Please indicate the name of your student in the “Comments” box.

Congratulations to your family—and thank you for the many ways you support Oberlin!

The following represents all gifts by parents and family members of the class of 2021 from January 1, 2021 to present, as well as any tribute gift made specifically in honor of a graduate from July 1, 2020 to present:

List updated as of 5.13.21

Margaret Adjei (Max Addae ’21)
Susan Davis-Ali and Jeffer Ali (Kate Ali ’21)
Susan and Douglas Bank (Justin Bank ’21)
Jennifer Thompson and Bob Peskin (Anna Barron ’21)
Ellen and Paul Bell (Rachel Bell ’21)
Alison and Barry Berke (Olivia Berke ’21)
Nellie and Douglas Bermudez (Emily Bermudez ’21)
Elizabeth and Stacey Berner (Emily Berner ’21)
Alice and Hugh Birch (George Birch ’21)
Jane and Christian Bordal (Finn Bordal ’21)
Annice Cody and Peter Braverman (Eliza Braverman ’21)
Anthony Brown (Isabel Brown ’21)
Denise and Craig Buck (Luke Buck ’21)
Tyrrell Albaugh ’90 and Thomas Fontana ’89 (Gwen Cappel-McCoy ’21)
Laura Graup (Jonah Carrol ’21)
Susanna Porter and James Clark (Lansing Clark ’21)
April and D’Andre Collins (Tyler Collins ’21)
Marjorie and Norman Henderson (Sam Cryan ’21)
Deborah and Mark D’Arcy (Isabelle D’Arcy ’21)
Julie Tisone and James Dick (Maeve Dick ’21)
Anna Durand and Ralph McDonnell (Eli Durand McDonnell ’21)
Martin Edney (Emma Edney ’21)
Geetinder Chattha and Eldan Eichbaum (Anju Eichbaum ’21)
Elizabeth Forman and Seth Farber (Anna Farber ’21)
Amy Hunt and Lee Fertig ’83 (Sam Fertig ’21)
Anne Mattson and Carol Feuerstein (Katie Feuerstein ’21)
Maria and Stephen Finestone (Isaac Finestone ’21)
Martha May Fink and David Fink (Olivia Fink ’21)
Julia and Benjamin Fishman (Kate Fishman ’21)
Amy and Chip Fleischer (Daniel Fleischer ’21)
Lili and John Foggle (Ilana Foggle ’21)
Bonnie Holmes-Gen and Sherman Gen (Bethany Gen ’21)
Kathy and Christopher Gillen (Greg Gillen ’21)
Marcia Egbert and Jeffrey Hagan ’86 (Will Hagan ’21)
Stephanie and Steven Hancock (Emily Hancock ’21)
Lashunda Walker (Bri Hayes ’21)
Kristin and Malcolm Heffer (Thomas Heffer ’21)
Jannette McCallister-Helm and Klaus Helm (Alaina Helm ’21)
Elaine Bridges ’59 (Max Herman ’21)
Valerie Aubry and Jay Heubert (Anna Heubert-Aubry ’21)
Debra and Keith Hibbard (Connor Hibbard ’21)
David Hill ’83 (Charlotte Hill ’21)
Elizabeth Morehead and Martin Hilton (Eva Hilton ’21)
Carol Steiker and Paul Holtzman (Josh Holtzman ’21)
Lori Ginzberg ’78 and Joel Steiker ’78 (Josh Holtzman ’21)
Eun Joo and Paul Hong (Nicole Hong ’21)
Martha and Roderick Humphreys (Emily Humphreys ’21)
Kara and Jaemy Hwang (Olive Hwang ’21)
Teresa and Aris Latridis (Zoe Iatridis ’21)
Margaret Bernstein ’85 (Julian Jacobs ’21)
Steven Jacobs (Julian Jacobs ’21)
Carrie Jasper (Zoe Jasper ’21)
Julie Nishimura-Jensen and Eric Jensen (Alex Jensen ’21)
Ellen and Edward Julian (Jessie Julian ’21)
Yuka and Akira Kajita (Kotaro Kajita ’21)
Susan and Russell Khater (Alex Khater ’21)
Jeannie and Steve Kibitel (James Kibitel ’21)
Victor DeAngelo (Marisa Kim ’21)
Theresa Kim ’93 (Marisa Kim ’21)
Susan and Peter Klock (Robert Klock ’21)
Kathryn Knapp (Tori Knapp ’21)
Sandra Lee (Xander Lee ’21)
Claire McCusker and Jonathan Levy ’83 (Isaac Levy ’21)
Patricia and Michael Lewitt (Nikki Lewitt ’21)
Victoria and Jeff Liu (Michael Liu ’21)
Lily and Frank LiXie (Justin LiXie ’21)
Paul LoVoi (Tom LoVoi ’21)
Sally LoVoi (Tom LoVoi ’21)
Susan and Richard MacPhail ’76 (Katherine MacPhail ’21)
Elizabeth Gregg ’90 and Eric Mader ’91 (Sam Mader ’21)
Cynthia Mapes and James Frances (Phoebe Mapes-Frances ’21)
Ann Wickham’83 and Justin Marble (Corinne Marble ’21)
Geraldine and Erik Maskelony (Charlotte Maskelony ’21)
Amanda Bickel and Peter Mayer ’86 (Zack Mayer-Bickel ’21)
Donna Bray and Kevin McAllister (Grace McAllister ’21)
Susan Wood and Grant McCool (Emory McCool ’21)
Sandra DeMeo and Alan Metz (Louise Metz ’21)
Gail Dratch and David Michaels (Lila Michaels ’21)
Demetrus Bundick-Mitchell and Alvin Mitchell (Jasmine Mitchell ’21)
Elizabeth Morrison and Richard Macdonald (Evelyn Morrison ’21)
Michele and Kieran Mulroney (Stella Mulroney ’21)
Michael Gerard and Erin Munster (Chelsea Munster ’21)
Maura Sullivan and Lee Nave (Claire Nave ’21)
Penny Haff and Joseph Palmiotti (Alec Palmiotti ’21)
Adrienne Patterson (Wesley Patterson ’21)
Lena Schnell and Jonathan Pelkey (Silas Pelkey ’21)
Mara and David Phillips (Maranda Phillips ’21)
Jill and Brian Pinkerton (Anne Pinkerton ’21)
Kimberly Randall and Thomas Potter (Colton Potter ’21)
Ann and Thomas Powers (Patrick Powers ’21)
Laura and David Quirk (Alexis Quirk ’21)
Laura Rissover and Catherine Plotke (Jane Rissover-Plotke ’21)
Glen Michaels (Niki Rodgers ’21)
Tracy and Timothy Schmitt (Allison Schmitt ’21)
Elizabeth and Michael Scholl (Hannah Scholl ’21)
Molly Ryan (Jojo Scott ’21)
Merav Segal (Noa Segal ’21)
Kim Shain (Max Shain ’21)
Steven Shalit (Sophie Shalit ’21)
Lisa and Rogelio Sion (Shea Sion ’21)
Barbara Ruskin and Tadmiri Venkatesh (Isabel Tadmiri ’21)
Katherine and Peter Taubkin (Nathan Taubkin ’21)
Tanya Moses (Jacky Valentine ’21)
Eileen Flanagan and Thomas Volkert (Luke Volkert ’21)
Cynthia and Mark Weeks (Olivia Weeks ’21)
Patti and Ed White (Elizabeth White ’21)
Cornelia and Wallis ’63 Reid (Caroline Wolfe ’21)
Clagett Wolfe (Caroline Wolfe ’21)
Brenda Lewison (Alexandra Wooldredge ’21)
Sharon and John Wooldredge (Alex Wooldredge ’21)
Tianying Jiang and Yawen Wu (Christina Wu ’21)
Sun Po Young and Todd Zaorski (Raul Zaorski ’21)
Melissa Engel and Michael Zimbalist (Quentin Zimbalist ’21)
Angela and Greggor Zoltners (Natalie Zoltners ’21)