Oberlin College is delighted to recognize the parents and family members who have made special gifts to the college in honor of their graduating student to celebrate student achievement and support the college for the benefit of all students.

Class of 2019 Honorary Gifts

This list reflects gifts as of May 20, 2019, alphabetized by the student’s last name.

Naomi and Samuel Abramovitz (Claire Abramovitz ’19)
Susan and Christopher Amorello (Alex Amorello ’19)
Natalia Antrobus (Olivia Ercilla Antrobus ’19)
Cary Phillips Auerbach and Paul Auerbach (Lana Auerbach ’19)
Sally Hinton and Gerard Baker (Claudia Baker ’19)
Alicia and Antonio Balatbat (Benjamin Balatbat ’19)
Deborah and Enos Banda (Matt Banda ’19)
Bernadette and David Barker-Plummer (Quinn Barker-Plummer ’19)
Donna and Jeremy Baskin (Paige Baskin ’19)
Rebecca Schwartz and Jonathan Berk (Hannah Berk ’19)
Nancy and Lincoln Binford (Noah Binford ’19)
Merilee and Michael Bordin (Abby Bordin ’19)
Emily Brennan (Fiona Brennan ’19)
Julia Brennan (Fiona Brennan ’19)
Rebecca Morton and David Brewer (Lotte Brewer ’19)
Grete Laine and Cornelis Broekhuijse (Alexander Broekhuijse ’19)
Anne-Marie Bennoun and Piotr Broszkowski (Roman Broszkowski ’19)
Judith Clain and Jesse Browner (Cora Browner ’19)
Klaus Burgel (Octavia Burgel ’19)
Jenna Butler (Julia Butler ’19)
Priscilla Caldwell (Olivia Caldwell ’19)
Heather and Donald Carter (Eliana Carter ’19)
Barbara and Robert Cavicchio (Millie Cavicchio ’19)
Stephanie Ackler and Peter Chapin (Sam Chapin ’19)
Mark Churchill (Emma Churchill ’19)
Sandra and Bennett Cohen (Shira Cohen ’19)
Jonathan Gist (Imani Cook-Gist ’19)
Alesia Cook (Imani Cook-Gist ’19)
Roxanne and John Cornell (Jakob Cornell ’19)
Aida and Rob Curtis (Robert Curtis ’19)
Patrice and Jeffrey Davidson (Samuel Davidson ’19)
Amy and Ross Davies (Riley Davies ’19)
Orilla and William McHarris (Riley Davies ’19)
Victor DeAngelo (Jordan DeAngelo ’19)
Theresa Kim (Jordan DeAngelo ’19)
Amy Kimmelman (Dorothy DeBiasse ’19)
Margaret and John DeLeonibus (Sabrina DeLeonibus ’19)
Susan and James Dinsmore (Ian Dinsmore ’19)
Susan and James Downing (Emma Downing ’19)
Katherine and William Dresser (Will Dresser ’19)
Pamela and Randolph Dreyfuss (Raphael Dreyfuss ’19)
Karin Dunbar (Kam Dunbar ’19)
Linda Barrington and Alan Dye (Alana Barrington Dye ’19)
Zofia Kostyrko-Edwards and Charles Edwards (Lara Edwards ’19)
Lori and David Eisner (Samantha Eisner ’19)
Emma Fernandez (Carolina Fernandez ’19)
Rhonda Findling (Kira Findling ’19)
Carol Jungman and David Fireman (Naomi Fireman ’19)
Emily Wechsler and Lawrence Fishman (Sophia Fishman ’19)
Audrey Fisch and Mark Flynn (Max Flysch ’19)
Marie and James Forbes (Jacques Forbes ’19)
Ann Mazza and Daniel Forden (Isabel Forden ’19)
Laura Myers and Scott Frankel (Millicent Frankel ’19)
Burton and Rita Frankel (Millicent Frankel ’19)
Leah Shopkow and Dirk Fraser (Linnea Fraser ’19)
Glenna and Andrew Freeman (Noah Freeman ’19)
Sara and John Galantowicz (Abby Galantowicz ’19)
Luling Zhang and Chunxiu Gao (Yijia Gao ’19)
Monika Mazurczyk and Joseph Garipoli (Anya Garipoli ’19)
Wendy and Robert Gittings (Mattie Gittings ’19)
Elizabeth and Geoffrey Glaspie (Giselle Glaspie ’19)
Annie Sneed-Godfrey and Darryl Godfrey (Nile Godfrey ’19)
Pedro Gonzales (Daniel Gonzales ’19)
Sally and Frank Greene (Juliette Greene ’19)
Elizabeth and Ian Halifax (Charlotte Halifax ’19)
Laura Baudot and DeSales Harrison (Ethan Harrison-Weil ’19)
Janet and Alan Hasegawa (Cora Hasegawa ’19)
Carol Seemann and Paul Hawthorne (Natalie Hawthorne ’19)
Sarah Steinitz and Charles Heath (Eli Heath ’19)
Lisa Henzler (Chamden Henzler-Lhasawa ’19)
Susan Nouman (Marcus Hill ’19)
Nina Jaffe and Cortland Hill (Ethan Hill ’19)
Kerry and Paul Hoffman (Martha Hoffman ’19)
Ellen and Mark Hoffman (Isaac Hoffman ’19)
Lisa Tessler and Mark Ireland (Julian Ireland ’19)
Seunhee and Douglas Pike (Brian James ’19)
Francoise and Olivier Jarry (David Jarry ’19)
Margaret Johnson (Celie Johnson ’19)
Charrisse Kaplan and David Johnson (Celie Johnson ’19)
Susan Marsh and Scott Jones (Carrie Jones ’19)
Elo and Christopher Kelkar (Emily Kelkar ’19)
Judith and Tim Keller (Sadie Keller ’19)
Jo Ann and Philip Kenney (Megan Kenney ’19)
Stephanie and Mark Kleiman (Paul Kleiman ’19)
Diana and Robert Kline (Kennedy Kline ’19)
Sharon and Daniel Kohn (Eliana Kohn ’19)
Barbara and Michael Krancer (Christine Krancer ’19)
Kathryn and Michael Ladd (Jonathan Ladd ’19)
Francoise Metras and Michel Ladouceur (Kat Ladouceur ’19)
Winnie and Walter Lannoo (Meghan Lannoo ’19)
Julie and David Leavitt (Peri Leavitt ’19)
Karen Lerner and Richard Lee (Katie Lerner Lee ’19)
Clare Bronowski and Jeffrey Lee (Abby Lee ’19)
Bonne Brown Leonard and Charles Leonard (Kathleen Leonard ’19)
Mara Silverman and Brian Lloyd (Eli Silverman-Lloyd ’19)
Maura and William Lorenzen (Shane Lorenzen ’19)
John Ludwig (Keifer Ludwig ’19)
Emily Uy (Andrew MacPhail ’19)
Mary Ellen Bell (Andrew MacPhail ’19)
Kathryn and Michael MacPhail (Andrew MacPhail ’19)
Cynthia Manthei de Abadia and Alfonso Abadia (Maite Abadia-Manthei ’19)
Jean Anne and Paul Mariner (EmmaLia Mariner ’19)
Nancy and Eric Markus (Daniel Markus ’19)
Leila and Peter Mattson (Natalie Mattson ’19)
Margaret and Jason McCarthy (Kelly McCarthy ’19)
Anna Durand and Ralph McDonnell (Phoebe Durand McDonnell ’19)
Janet McGowan and Thomas Webb (Jack McGowan ’19)
Julie and Alec McKinney (Casey McKinney ’19)
Martha and John McManamy (Laura McManamy ’19)
Elizabeth and Mark Messina (Jay Messina ’19)
Kathleen and David Mettenburg (Madisyn Mettenburg ’19)
Doyette Mickles (Kiana Mickles ’19)
Suzanne and Joseph Milando (Lea Milando ’19)
Katherine Adams (Eleanor Miller ’19)
Maria Marcus (Anna Miller ’19)
Valerie Marcus and Peter Miller (Anna Miller ’19)
Claire Wilks and Kevin Miller (Michael Miller ’19)
Jesse Bradford (Isabelle Moore ’19)
Anna Newcomb and Gordon Moore (Isabelle Moore ’19)
Leslie Connito and Kevin Moss (Cameron Moss ’19)
Caroline Orlando and Jose Murillo (Allie Murillo ’19)
Jill and Fredric Nadel (Jacob Nadel ’19)
Martha and Mark Nerenhausen (Dan Nerenhausen ’19)
Cynthia Mark and Man Chak Ng (Elsa Mark-Ng ’19)
Anna and Tom Ngo (Alexander Ngo ’19)
Jennifer O'Flaherty and Elizabeth Ryan (Katie Ryan-O'Flaherty ’19)
Megan and Thomas Kapinos (John Parks ’19)
Wendy and Olumuyiwa Paul (Samuel Paul ’19)
Suzette and Richard Perles (Aaron Perles ’19)
Lissa Oliver and Gregg Peterson (Emily Peterson ’19)
Margo Siminovitch and Alan Peterson (Julia Peterson ’19)
Margaret Giles (Alex Pinto ’19)
Marilyn Boros (Catherine Potts ’19)
Mary Lou and Martin Lydecker (Rachel Poyle ’19)
Theresa and Thomas Prangley (Will Prangley ’19)
Sumant Ramachandra (Yasmine Ramachandra ’19)
Steffney Thompson and Todd Rasmussen (Claire Rasmussen ’19)
Lynne and John Rathgeber (Natalie Rathgeber ’19)
Kelly and Rustin Redcay (Casey Redcay ’19)
Jennifer Wolfe and Brad Richmond (Paul Richmond ’19)
Caroline Schmalz and Mark Rigdon (Katie Rigdon ’19)
Mary and V. Bruce Rigdon (Katie Rigdon ’19)
Judy Karasik and Steve Rosenfeld (Theo Rosenfeld ’19)
Clare Cosentino and Randall Ross (William Ross ’19)
Mary Garber Saleh and Faisal Saleh (Rashad Saleh ’19)
Molly Samuel (Helen Samuel ’19)
Diana and Anthony Scheitinger (Alex Scheitinger ’19)
Carol Rosenthal and Franklin Schneier (Gabriel Schneier ’19)
Judith Krones and David Schorr (Ronit Schorr ’19)
Deidre and Alan Scott (Linnea Scott ’19)
Kimberly Shaknis and Jeremy Seeger (Kayla Seeger ’19)
Naomi Seligman and Ernest Von Simson (Jad Seligman ’19)
Monica Drane and Paul Shadle (Walker Shadle ’19)
Kathleen and David Sharpe (Kelsey Sharpe ’19)
Marlene and Michael Shiner (Gabrielle Shiner ’19)
Lyuba Konopasek and Benjamin Shykind (Hanna Shykind ’19)
Kirsten Speidel and Mark Elder (Rex Simmons ’19)
Robin and David Small (Elie Small ’19)
Suzanne and William Smith (Patrick Smith ’19)
Rebecca Neimark and Lee Spector (Anya Spector ’19)
Laura and Bradley Steer (Zachary Steer ’19)
Patricia Mooney and Alan Steinberg (Jared Steinberg ’19)
Tena Alexander and Daniel Stipano (Alexandra Stipano ’19)
Laurie Geisel and Bruce Thompson (Eric Thompson ’19)
Angela and Donald Turner (Maria Turner ’19)
Suzanne Sabol and David Tyack (Lillian Tyack ’19)
Matthew Vouse (Sage Vouse ’19)
Susanna Peters and Charles Wallace (Cecilia Wallace ’19)
Janae Green (Myles Walton ’19)
Christine and Stephen Webster (Emery Webster ’19)
Jayne Goldstein and Joshua Weinstein (Rachel Weinstein ’19)
Carolyn and Mitchell Wilson (Katie Wilson ’19)
Valerie Smith and Colin Wong (Claire Wong ’19)
Jodi Harawitz (Adina Zeth ’19)

Making a Gift to Honor Your Student

You can make a gift through your registration form or online at go.oberlin.edu/parents .

Congratulations to your family—and thank you for the many ways you support Oberlin!