Honor Roll: Class of 2020 Parent & Family Tribute Gifts

Oberlin College is delighted to recognize the parents and family members of the class of 2020 who have made special gifts to celebrate their students’ achievement and support the college for the benefit of all. We will continue to display and periodically update this list through the on-campus joint Commencement event in May 2021.

To make a gift, visit go.oberlin.edu/parents. Please indicate the name of your student in the “Comments” box.

Congratulations to your family—and thank you for the many ways you support Oberlin!

The following represents all gifts by parents and family members of the class of 2020 from January 1, 2020 to present (as of May 25, 2020), as well as any tribute gift made specifically in honor of a graduate from July 1, 2019 to present:

List updated as of 5.25.20

Betsy Tessler and Joel Ackelsberg (Ilan Ackelsberg ’20)
Mabel Acosta (Roberto Acosta ’20)
Beverly and Mark Adamczyk (Rania Adamczyk ’20)
Sonia Chae and Robert Agler (Jane Agler ’20)
Roberta Cooper and Robert Arthur (Cheyenne Arthur ’20)
Karen and Emmanuel Babarinsa (Charlotte Babarinsa ’20)
Wendy and Mark Barrow (Emily Barrow ’20)
Lorriann Olán and George Bent (Cat Bent ’20)
Ramona Bettencourt (Jordan Bettencourt ’20)
Martha Smith and Jeffrey Blinkoff (Grace Blinkoff ’20)
Joan and David Bredthauer (Emma Bredthauer ’20)
Andrea Brewer Thompson (Sophia Brewer Thompson ’20)
Colleen Brennan (Molly Bryson ’20)
Fenglan Liu and Huilong Cao (Jiahao Cao ’20)
Aimee Merrill (Joaquin Cardozo ’20)
Dyann and Frank Castro-Wehr (Joy Castro-Wehr ’20)
Loretta Flanagan-Cato and Robert Cato (James Cato ’20)
Laura and Michael Chasney (Regan Chasney ’20)
Ling Cai and Jie Chen (Yaxiong Chen ’20)
Angela Cheng and Alvin Chow (Alyssa Chow ’20)
Elaine Tsai and Peter Chuang (Alex Chuang ’20)
Katherine and Michael Cohen (Cam Cohen ’20)
Deborah Boykan and Grant Covell (Ben Covell ’20)
Rebecca Kohler and Robert Crook (Marija Crook ’20)
Shari and Errol Cushnie (Jada Cushnie ’20)
Lisa Feldstein and Maxwell Drukman (Sophie Drukman-Feldstein ’20)
Tami and Jeffrey Edminster (Alexandria Edminster ’20)
Talya Westbrook (Alex Eisenthal ’20)
Elizabeth Quackenbush and Thomas Farbanish (Dizzy Farbanish ’20)
Amy and Jason Filson (Cal Filson ’20)
Nancy Truettner (Wren Fiocco ’20)
Adrienne Fioretti (Christian Fioretti ’20)
Jody and James Young (Grace Flynn-Young ’20)
Ellen Hitzrot and Stuart Forman (Rayna Forman ’20)
Jill Minneman and Thomas Fulcher (Adam Fulcher ’20)
Elisse and David Gabriel (Noah Gabriel ’20)
Margaret Talmers and Thomas Gallitano (Nicholas Gallitano ’20)
Julie Kaufman and Robert Garner (Eleanor Garner ’20)
Lynn and Bruce Geist (Nichole Geist ’20)
Maria Regina and Eugene Gibbs (Maura Gibbs ’20)
Laurel Leslie and Allen Gifford (Reuben Gifford ’20)
Naomi and Martin Gilbert (Miles Gilbert ’20)
Gillian Gladieux-Carter and Richard Carter (Ari Gladieux-Carter ’20)
Debbie and Sergio Gonzalez (Marly Gonzalez ’20)
Stacey Gordon and Neil Guterman (Noa Gordon-Guterman ’20)
Kristin and Klaus Grimm (Matt Grimm ’20)
Janine Bloomfield and Benjamin Grosof (Eliana Grosof ’20)
Amy Jo and Robert Gross (Maggie Gross ’20)
Laura and William Gump (Molly Gump ’20)
Orit Gwirceman and Yaniv Hakohen (Natasha Gwirceman ’20)
Alisa and Adam Hampton (Sarah Hampton ’20)
Hiroko and Philip Hardebeck (Elise Hardebeck ’20)
Amy and David Harter (Emily Harter ’20)
Ellen Cordes and Henry Haskell (Lucy Haskell ’20)
Anastasia Giordano (Liam Hefta ’20)
Maria Hernandez Green (Arielle Hernandez Lyons ’20)
Amy and Paul Heuring (Kirsten Heuring ’20)
Cheryl and Kenneth Hochberg (Leo Hochberg ’20)
Audrey and James Impara (Christine Impara ’20)
Anne Lambright and Guillermo Irizarry (Guillermo Irizarry Lambright ’20)
Leah and Jeffrey Jackman-Wheitner (Alexandra Jackman-Wheitner ’20)
Martha Lee and Benjamin Jackson (Sophie Jackson ’20)
Marci and Gary Jacobson (Emily Jacobson ’20)
Janice Meyer and Michael Jamison (Bradley Jamison ’20)
Lynne and Mark Jones (Lily Jones ’20)
Laura and Martin Kagel (Milena Kagel ’20)
Amy Zimmerman and Mark Kaplan (Zoe Kaplan ’20)
Giovanna and William Keegan (Jasmine Keegan ’20)
Monica Kenet and Thomas Gold (Isabelle Kenet ’20)
Mary Rahe (Isabel Kenney ’20)
Dion Kenney (Isabel Kenney ’20)
Aliina and Timothy Hopkins (Maggie Kinabrew ’20)
Mary-Michelle Hirschoff (Margaret Kinabrew ’20)
Maria and John King (Maggie King ’20)
Arlene Kimata and Gary Kitahata (Kenneth Kitahata ’20)
Harriet and Adam Kuhn (Abe Kuhn ’20)
Roelfien and Arthur Kuijpers (Mecky Kuijpers ’20)
Janel and Allard Laban (Calder Laban ’20)
Annie Yum and Bud Lam (Sam Lam ’20)
Emily and Richard Law (Nigel Law ’20)
Carla and David Lawrence (Paul Lawrence ’20)
Donna and Gary Lerner (Emily Lerner ’20)
Ruth Wu and Qiangsheng Li (Shana Li ’20)
Lori and Paul Linskey (Ryan Linskey ’20)
Seth Jaffe and Genia Long (Hannah Long ’20)
Eugenia Long and Seth Jaffe (Hannah Long ’20)
Diane and Thomas Lucey (Katie Lucey ’20)
Graciela Valdez-Maguire and Kevin Maguire (Megan Maguire ’20)
Maria Carmen Martinez and Peter McGarvey (Luisa McGarvey ’20)
Laurie and T. Scott McMillin (Jack McMillin ’20)
Catherine Conley and William Merikallio (Katie Merikallio ’20)
Jill and Aaron Milenski (Fox Milenski ’20)
Deirdre and Shankha Mitra (Shomo Mitra ’20)
Ninez Ponce and Robert Nordyke (Malaya Nordyke ’20)
Lisa and Bradley Palmer (Dylan Palmer ’20)
Kristen and Sanford Panitch (Georgia Panitch ’20)
Amy and Richard Pasley (Gillian Pasley ’20)
Deborah Grossman and Alan Peel (Rowyn Peel ’20)
Camille and Arthur Purcell (Miranda Purcell ’20)
Gretchen Lang and Andrew Purvis (Emily Purvis ’20)
Gail and Thomas Reagan (Kayla Reagan ’20)
Kimberly and Barton Reed (Lexi Reed ’20)
Karen Barker (Kaitlyn Rivers ’20)
Maria and Daniel Robinson (Catherine Robinson ’20)
Gia Rozells (Adrienne Rozells ’20)
Rachel Stewart and Jeffrey Ruppenthal (Ian Ruppenthal ’20)
Anne and Robert Rutland (Nick Rutland ’20)
Bethany Caldwell and Mario Santiago (Andrew Santiago ’20)
Elizabeth Whelan (Molly Sayles ’20)
Sarah Hollbrook and William Allen Scheuch, II (Schuyler Scheuch ’20)
Daniel Schrantz (Daniel Schrantz ’20)
Gabrielle and Patrick Scott (Max Scott ’20)
Lauren Gross and Harold Segall (Hayley Segall ’20)
Tracie and James Segura (Claire Segura ’20)
Brigette and Chandran Shanmugam (Maya Shanmugam ’20)
Kelley and Kent Shin (Rosemary Shin ’20)
Emily von Scheven and Mark Shostak (David Shostak ’20)
Elizabeth and Glen Silverstein (Mimi Silverstein ’20)
The Slack-Welles Family (Jeremiah Slack-Welles ’20)
Barbara and Gerard St. Ours (Molly St. Ours ’20)
Barbara Shufro and David Steuer (Zachary Steuer ’20)
Ellen Reynolds and Brian Stevens (Ben Stevens ’20)
Shelley Winkler and David Stopak (Sarah Stopak ’20)
Lillian and Michael Suppa (Evan Suppa ’20)
Shoko Suzuki and Garry Song (Momo Suzuki ’20)
Ilana Kopmar and David Teeter (Rami Teeter ’20)
Dana and Steven Tognini (Geena Tognini ’20)
Marilyn Lee-Tom (Brian Tom ’20)
Annie and José Vasquez (Olivia Vasquez ’20)
Jie Ding and Xuezhong Wang (Kenny Wang ’20)
Suzanne Griffel and Saul Weiner (Karen Weiner ’20)
Lise Gordon (Emma Weiss ’20)
Tomoko Yoshida and Stephen Weldon (Julia Weldon ’20)
Donna and Jeffrey Whittle (Kelly Whittle ’20)
Susan Levine (Adam Willson ’20)
Michelle Wiltshire-Clement and Mark Dvorozniak (Urie Wiltshire-Clement Dvorozniak ’20)
Laura Wolfe and Daniel Cher (Clara Wolfe ’20)
Lynne Woodard (Griffin Woodard ’20)
Andrea Didisheim and Evan Yassky (Leah Yassky ’20)
Qin Sun and Zhanping Yu (Sophie Yu ’20)
Diane Epstein (Ruby Zatz ’20)
Mary and Brian Zeug (Erik Zeug ’20)
Yan Liu and Xinhua Zhao (Beibei Zhao ’20)