College of Arts and Sciences Admissions Office

Rachel Wolchok

dark-haired female student

Rachel (she/her) hails from the heart of New York City and is pursuing a Bachelors of Arts in Religion and Bachelors of Music in Viola Performance through Oberlin’s Double Degree Program. Quickly realizing her love for talking about Oberlin, Rachel transitioned from a tour guide to a Senior Fellow to be even more involved in showing prospective students the beauty of Oberlin.

Beyond her time in the practice room and analyzing spiritual texts, Rachel has been a devoted member of the Oberlin Student Cooperative Association. Serving as Pizza Head Cook, Granola Maker, Food Buyer, and Dining Loose Ends Coordinator, she has learned the ins and outs of the co-op system. In her senior year, Rachel is looking forward to facilitating her Barefoot Dialogue group and making community through vulnerable and intentional conversation. Previously, Rachel worked in the Yeworwha Belachew Dialogue Center on Empathy Cafė, an activity that builds the crucial skills of giving and receiving empathy. She can be found around town at The Local getting her New Yorker coffee and bagel fix, pedalling through the well connected bike paths to Lake Erie, or at the Cat and the Cream enjoying lunch while at Jazz Forum.

Rachel’s passions for religion and healthcare are inspiring her to pursue a career in research and clinical community psychology. Her current focus lies on the ways in which practicing culture and tradition are a form of mental healthcare, opening spaces to work in cultural community centers and/or refugee or immigration organizations. 

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