Senior Admissions Fellow: Devyn Malouf

smiling young woman with blond hair
Photo credit: Shafe Selvidge ’21

Devyn (she/her) is a psychology major with a minor in rhetoric and composition. She comes to Oberlin from the Los Angeles area. She originally came to the college through the varsity swim program, and is currently the production manager at the Oberlin Review student newspaper, a Peer Advising Leader, and an active member in the Oberlin Student Cooperative Association known as OSCA..

Devyn’s academic and professional interests have been heavily influenced by her work as a research assistant in the psychology department. She was recently working on such issues as chronic pain and neurocognitice methods in queer-students and youth.

She is looking forward to her final year of eating lots of tots at the Feve, knitting decorations for her house, and taking advantage of the exercise facilities at the Shanks Health and Wellness Center.

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