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Carter Cooper

Smiling brunette student

Carter (she/her) is from Washington, D.C. and is double majoring in Psychology and Law and Society with minors in English and Dance. Outside of the classroom, she works on campus as a Senior Admissions Fellow, Peer Advising Leader (PAL), Writing Associate, and is a member of the Law and Justice Scholars Program. Prior to coming to Oberlin, Carter was a student at the Washington School of Ballet for thirteen years. Learning of Oberlin’s rigorous dance program, she decided to continue her training here and can often be found leaping across the stage in Warner Main Space. After Oberlin, Carter hopes to pursue a career in law and public policy, specifically within the field of criminal justice. She hopes to use her knowledge and skills from psychology toward developing a deeper understanding of the validity (or lack thereof) of eye-witness testimony and the pitfalls it may bring upon our justice system. 

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