College of Arts and Sciences Admissions Office

Caitlyn Bull

curly-haired female student

Caitlyn (she/they) is a fourth year Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies major with triple minors in Politics, Law & Society, and Comparative American Studies with a concentration in Global Health. Caitlyn spent their formative years in Madagascar and Kenya but is now based in Falmouth, Maine. Caitlyn has been a tour guide with admissions since their sophomore year and is excited to work with admissions this year as a Senior Fellow! 

Outside of class, Caitlyn is the President of the Rhinos, Oberlin’s Women and Trans Rugby team, and has been on the team since their first semester at Oberlin. Caitlyn is also a member of the Leadership Circle with the Oberlin Doula Collective and has been involved in a variety of different social activism groups on campus. During Caitlyn’s junior year, they served as the Accessibility Coordinator for Pyle, one of Oberlin’s co-ops within the Oberlin Student Cooperative Association (OSCA). 

Oberlin’s long history of social change coupled with the open curriculum is part of what drew Caitlyn to Oberlin, as they came into Oberlin entirely undecided and interested in everything. After finding Oberlin’s integrative disciplines, Caitlyn was able to combine all of their interests and cater their studies to fit their career aspirations. 

After Oberlin, Caitlyn hopes to work in reproductive health care. As part of their Winter Term project in their junior year, Caitlyn began their birth doula certification and hopes to use their certification to provide reproductive health care on a global scale. 

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