Senior Admissions Fellow: Brian Tom

smiling male Asian student wearing blue checked shirt.
Photo credit: Shafe Selvidge ’21

Brian (he/him) is from Wellesley, Massachusetts. He is double-majoring in art and psychology, and minoring in Hispanic studies.

This year, Brian is excited to return to his joggers and sweatshirts for his dance group, Choreo, and to teach BIO 100 as a leader in the Oberlin Workshop and Learning Sessions (OWLS) program.

In his free time, Brian enjoys eating four-piece chicken McNugget Happy Meals and listening to the pop styling of Lorde.

What drew Brian to Oberlin was a feeling of acceptance and the freedom to follow and celebrate his interests, no matter how random they may seem. Everyone on campus looks different and has a wide range of interests, but the community respects and supports one another.

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