College of Arts and Sciences Admissions Office

Aurora Hegarty

A female-identifying student sitting outside in a red shirt.

Aurora (she/they) is a fourth-year student originally from Denver, CO, who has lived in Massachusetts and Arizona for most of her life. She came to Oberlin in the fall of 2021 as a transfer student and has never looked back. She is a Computer Science and Creative Writing double major. She also works on campus in the Admissions Office, the Student Mailroom, and for Harkness—her OSCA co-op home since the spring of 2022. In the past, she has also worked as a Stage Manager for OMTA/OSTA— a student theater group—and the Dance department. 

Outside of her commitments, Aurora is a big reader. She is currently reading a number of books about the American Civil War with her cat, Percy, the Best Boy in the World. Her favorite authors include Joan Didion, David Foster Wallace, Emma Cline, Toni Morrison, and Robert A. Caro, who is by far her favorite author of prose. Aurora is also a fan of video games, particularly The Last of Us parts I and II. 

A coffee enthusiast, Aurora has started brewing her own coffee, and does so while listening to vinyl. She is also a budding jazz fan. 

Thinking about life after Oberlin, Aurora can get existential, but imagines she will either end up at graduate school for Journalism, or working for a summer in her hometown of Concord, MA.

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