Clovis White

  • Associate Professor of Sociology

Areas of Study


  • BA, University Massachusetts Dartmouth, 1975
  • MA, SUNY at Albany, 1977
  • MA, Indiana University Bloomington, 1981
  • PhD, Indiana University Bloomington, 1984


Clovis White is an active member in the Oberlin community, serving as president on a board of a local non-profit organization. Professor White applies his own research interests in race, ethnic, and minority relations through his first-year seminar course entitled, "Through the Looking Glass: The Intersection of Race, Ethnicity, and Gender with Social Class in Contemporary America". This course focuses on social inequality, social demography and theories of identity formation and group interaction. Students are also required to do one hour of service each week at Oberlin Community Services, serving as field-work to examine the social demography and group interaction as it exists in their own community. Professor White similarly incorporates these community activities in his introductory sociology class entitled, "Sociological Analysis of Society."

Spring 2023

Race and Ethnic Relations — SOCI 277