You can use VoiceThread to deliver a premade lecture or to create an interactive multimedia class discussion around your PowerPoint slides, pdfs, word documents, images, and alongside video and audio.

What is VoiceThread anyway?

VoiceThread is an easy to use learning tool that will allow you to create interactive multimedia discussions. The editing tools are simple and straightforward. For instance, if at some point in your lecture you are referencing a website, the link can easily be added. You can easily comment at a specific time in a video or annotate an image or document as you are talking about it. This tool can also be leveraged to create assignments where students are being asked to directly critique or add comments to a slideshow or video that you've created or uploaded.  Comments can be added as text, audio or video. Grading can be done directly in the VoiceThread you've created, and the grade will automatically populate your Blackboard grade book.

What can you do with VoiceThread?

  • In any field, work through case studies and scenarios, like this one on radiology.
  • In music courses have students play back or respond to different sections of music
  • In biology and neuroanatomy, have students use annotation to indicate whether body alignment is problematic.
  • In studio art, have students critique each other’s work or evaluate historical art.
  • In social sciences, create a structured asynchronous debate.
  • In language classes, students can create conversations in the target language around media.
  • In any field, have students generate digital stories or digital arguments.

In any of these scenarios, comments can be added to the video/slides as text, audio, or video.      

Using VoiceThread

VoiceThread can be accessed through your Blackboard course. There are numerous resources for creating a presentation in VoiceThread. The VoiceThread how-to page, under the web application tab, has instructions and examples on the numerous file types accepted and the types of interaction available (i.e. viewing, commenting, doodling).

How to Caption Videos using YouTube and VoiceThread

Example VoiceThreads

What students see and do? 

Example of student submitted work

Oberlin Sample VoiceThread

Need Help or Training

Please contact us CIT for assistance integrating VoiceThread into your course using the CIT Tech Support Portal or via phone at (440) 775-8197.