Center for Information Technology

System and Software Access

CIT offers a range of software and enterprise systems to support teaching, learning, and administrative functions at Oberlin College. Software access is automatically applied to your account based on your role. The tables below describe the various roles that might apply to you and lists the software and system access you can expect to receive based on those roles.

Software and System Access

The table below shows the single-sign on software applications available at Oberlin and the people to whom they are available. If you're not sure which role(s) you fall into, refer to the role definitions at the bottom of this page.

Use the search tools at the top of the table quickly find a record or records that meet certain conditions (e.g., apps available to students).

  1. Click on the Filter tool.
  2. Click +Add filter.
  3. From here, set the filter field, filter operator, and comparison value to make a statements that like "Where [Roles] [has any of] [Student]."

As you search, keep in mind that:

  • Additional licensing may apply. While your role may have permission to access an app, you may not have been assigned a license. If you cannot access software that you believe you should have access to, please open a ticket using the CIT Tech Support Portal.
  • Sometimes you may need access to software that is not normally assigned to people in your role. If you believe that's the case, please complete an Access Exception Request.
  • Some software may not appear in this table. Software and systems that are not integrated into single sign-on or are managed by an individual or department are not listed here.


A current employee who is in a faculty employee class or in a job in a faculty employee class, or Administrative & Professional Staff-encoded faculty with instructional assignment(s) in the current academic year.

A current employee who is in a staff employee class or in a job in a staff employee class.

An enrolled student in the current academic period.

An enrolled student with a matriculation term of the following academic period.

An incoming employee who will be either in a faculty employee class or in a job in a faculty employee class within the next 90 days.

An incoming employee who will be either in a staff employee class or in a job in a staff employee class within the next 30 days.

A student who is on suspension or on medical, personal, or emergency leave in the current academic period but is expected to return in a future academic period.

A non-terminated employee in any non-student employee class that has no current jobs.

A terminated employee that was terminated within the last 12 months.

A retired employee that now receives retiree benefits.

A retired employee that ever previously held a job in a faculty employee class.

A person whose grad status is awarded and whose grad term is within the last four years.