Center for Information Technology

Lab Software Policy

This policy guides the procedure by which new software is installed in campus computer labs.

Policy #: 01.008
Policy Title: Computer Lab Software Installation Policy
Responsible Position for Policy: Chief Information Technology Officer
Office/Department Responsible for Policy: Center for Information Technology
Division Responsible for Policy: Office of Finance and Administration
Original Issue Date: 09/29/2017
Last Revision Date: 03/12/2021
Log of Previous Revisions: 10/06/2017, 11/10/2017

Policy Purpose

This policy guides the procedure by which new software is installed in campus computer labs.

Policy Statement

A request for lab software is sent to the faculty in the spring semester. Each summer, the labs undergo major software and hardware upgrades or replacements. During the academic year, physical access to lab computers is limited by classes and thus only minor maintenance is performed during fall break, winter term, and spring break. These changes are relegated to certain times of the year because there is a lot of work and careful testing that goes into lab image preparation.

In order to install a new piece of software, we have to test the software itself; make sure that it doesn’t conflict with all the other special software installed; make sure that our use conforms to manufacturer’s license requirements. Often software that is free for the end user requires a license at an institutional level.

Finally, we have to make sure that using the software does not conflict with our existing licenses and the implementation thereof. As a result of this level of work, we do not make changes to individual machines within a lab as that would necessitate another image just for one computer. For these reasons, we also do not temporarily repurpose some or all machines in a lab.

Overall, we have to make sure that the labs function optimally for the most people. Accommodating each person’s preference and software desires proves untenable and unaffordable.


Faculty, staff, or students who have requests for software installation in campus computer labs.


Lab computers

Any computer that is available for campus use with software managed by CIT. The content of the lab software is determined by the needs of the faculty each year.


The Chief Information Technology Officer is assigned to administer this policy. This individual is responsible for keeping the policy up to date and coordinating a detailed review at least once every five years.