Computer Requirements

Computers older than two or three years may not run the necessary software to connect to our campus network or may run too slowly. If you're not sure whether your computer will work, contact the CIT Help Desk at or give us a call at 440-775-8197.

Wireless Network

Wireless Internet access (WiFi) is available across most areas of campus.

Wired Network

Residence hall rooms on campus have wired network ports but these ports are not active by default.

To request that a network port be activated in your room, contact Please be sure to include your building, room number, and the number printed on your network port (if applicable). We also require a phone number so our staff can contact you to set up a time to activate and test your port.

Mobile and "Internet of Things" (IoT) Devices 

Beside computers, Oberlin supports a wide variety of devices on our network, including Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad), Blackberries, Android-based systems, and game consoles.

Most "Internet of Things" (IoT) devices like the Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Sonos speakers are designed for home use as opposed to enterprise networks. As a result, they will either need advanced configuration, will not work with our network, or they will cause interference with our wireless network. Consult the chart on the CIT Wiki to see if your device will work on campus and if so, how to configure it properly. While academic support is our primary concern, we will try to help with these kinds of devices if we are able.