As soon as you have received your T# from the Office of Human Resources, submit the New Staff Account Request Form  to acquire your ObieID. This account is required for you to receive your college-issued computer, as described below.

For more information about ObieIDs, including how to set up and check e-mail, please visit the ObieID page on the CIT Tech Support Portal.


Computers will not be assigned to faculty and staff who do not yet have an ObieID, so please make sure you have requested your account before continuing.

Once you have an ObieID, log in to the CIT Tech Support Portal and fill out the New Computer Request Form. This form will allow you to choose whether you would like a desktop or laptop, Mac or Windows, and any additional software you will require. You should submit this form as soon as you accept your job offer.

Once we receive this form, we begin our process of assigning you a computer, setting it up, and scheduling a delivery time with you. Faculty arriving at the start of the academic year can expect to receive a computer in July or August. Faculty arriving at the start of the spring semester can expect to receive a computer in January. New staff will receive computers as quickly as possible after their arrival on campus.

Faculty planning to acquire an additional computer for research computers should plan to discuss their needs further with CIT. We do not fund or support research computers, but can offer advice on the selecting a computer to best meet your requirements. Send an e-mail to if you'd like to discuss your research computer requirements.