Computers for Faculty and Staff

College-Provided Computers

Faculty and staff who are employed at least half time by the college and whose work requires access to a computer will be provided with a new computer every six years. Other faculty and staff may be provided with second-tier computers.

You may use our computer selection guide to help determine which type of computer you would like to request.

Faculty and staff may choose between Macintosh and Windows, laptops and desktops. For any laptop, you may request an external display (also known as monitor), keyboard, and/or mouse at no additional charge. Specifications are subject to change without notice, based on inventory and availability from suppliers.

Feel free to contact us should you need any assistance or if you have any questions.

CIT-provided computers will be replaced at least every six years. In the interim, CIT will always work to fix problems promptly and provide additional memory and/or solid-state hard drive replacements to extend the life of a computer. To request service for your computer, send an e-mail to

Computers provided to faculty and staff will be replaced at least every six years. When a computer is replaced, the old computer must be retrieved and will be reused for other college needs.

Faculty and staff may choose between Macintosh and Windows, laptops and desktops.

If your job requires another physical size computer, larger hard drive, upgraded processor, additional RAM or upgraded graphics card that deviates from the standard desktops and laptops available, note the specifics when making the request. We will work with you to identify a computer that suits your needs.

To submit a request, read our wiki page.

Once a request is approved, CIT will allocate a computer for you and work with you to transfer any data you may already have. Please note that our staff require at least 3 days to prepare a new computer for you, with additional time possible if the computer must be special ordered.

Computers Purchased with Grants and Startup Funds

Faculty may use grant or startup funds for the purchase of additional computers. Computers purchased with these funds will not be automatically replaced on the regular six-year cycle. We strongly encourage faculty to purchase computers for which CIT is able to provide hardward support; otherwise, they may need to contact the manufacturer in the case of repair. Contact CIT for guidance before making a purchase.

Bring-Your-Own Computer or Mobile Device

You may own a personal computer or mobile device that you use for work-related purposes at Oberlin. CIT cannot provide full hardware and software support for personally owned computers, but will assist you in getting connected in classrooms and installing any available site-licensed software.

Related Computer Services for Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff offices are wired for Ethernet network access access. Wired connections to the network will always be the fastest option and are recommended for desktop computers or those transferring large amounts of data using laptops.

Wireless/Wi-Fi access is available throughout the campus. If you experience wireless connectivity issues in your office, please contact the CIT Help Desk and report an issue so we can provide assistance.

Faculty and staff members normally use department-based network printers and/or Konica printers which can copy, print, scan and fax. Public printers are also available to students, faculty, and staff in the libraries and other computer labs across campus. Faculty members may request a USB connected desktop printer at department expense.

Printer repair service differs depending on type and location of printer. Contact the CIT Help Desk to find out how to get your printer repaired.

In addition to the operating system, your college-issued computer will come preinstalled with most of the software applications you will need to do your work. Other software is available for download or distribution over the campus network.

Support for specialized software is generally limited. If you have specialized software or licensing requests, contact and we’ll work with you to accommodate those requests if possible.

If you would like additional software to be made available to your students, please contact the CIT Help Desk. The lab configurations are usually established well in advance of the beginning of the semester.

All college smart classrooms across campus are equipped with a suite of dongles to connect to video and audio devices in those rooms. If these are not sufficient, CIT may be able to provide a dongle so you can connect your personal device in a classroom. Contact CIT for details.

To get help with any computer or network issue, please call the CIT Help Desk at 440-775-8197 or send an e-mail to The person at the Help Desk will make sure your issue is routed to the appropriate staff member for resolution.