CIT makes certain software available for download. This is software for which we have acquired the applicable licensing.

Software available for download is for the express use by Oberlin College personnel and may be accessed by using one’s ObieID credentials on the Software Downloads web page.

Site-Licensed Software

Software Licensing Provision
Mathematica Site license for all lab and office computers; available for faculty and student personal computers. Students, faculty, and staff should visit the Wolfram Mathematica website  to create a Wolfram account, download the software, and request an Activation Key.
SPSS Site license; installed on all lab computers, both Mac and Windows. Available to faculty for installation on office and home computers.  Faculty should contact CIT for installation. Not available to students for personal computers.


Lab Software

Lab software is generally procured and installed and or updated during the summer months. Due to the long lead time required to procure, install, test, and make all software in a specific lab environment functional at once, installation of new or updated software is generally not done at other times of the year. 

Each spring, the director of client services sends a message to all faculty, requesting information regarding any desired new or updated software. Software for which there are updates available at the time of the summer lab work will likely be installed, unless prior notification has been received by Client Services staff (, requesting deferral of the update. It is also vital for faculty to notify Client Services if any particular software application is no longer required in a particular lab.

Note: Due to limited resources, CIT staff should not be expected to understand the complete functional details of any particular software application. It is incumbent upon the user of the software to acquire a working knowledge of that application to the extent desired.

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