The CIT Help Desk within the Academic Commons area of Mudd Center provides the first-level service for computer problems and questions for Oberlin College faculty, staff, and students.

Office Computers

CIT provides full support for all college-owned computers provided by CIT as part of our office computer delivery process. Faculty and staff experiencing problems with their office computers should contact the CIT Help Desk as soon as practical to effect the necessary repairs. Users with desktop computers should contact the Help Desk first to schedule pickup by CIT staff. Laptops users should bring their computers to the CIT Help Desk on the first floor of Mudd Center to initiate the repair process.

Prior to conducting repairs, we will make every reasonable effort to backup user data. Due to the nature of some hardware problems, this is not always possible. Users are urged to continuously backup of their vital data, since computer hard drives and other equipment often become inoperable with little or no advanced warning.

Research Computers

Because of their specialized purposes and often specialized peripheral equipment and software, CIT can only provided limited support for research computers, i.e., those procured with research funds, grant funds, or startup funds. From a setup end, we will assist with establishing network connectivity.

CIT normally does not fund replacement computers for these systems once they reach the end of their life cycle. CIT staff members will provide advice to faculty seeking assistance in determining the best system possible to meet their research needs. Faculty seeking advice in this regard should contact Client Services at

Personal Computers

College-owned computers remain our top priority, but we will do everything practical to resolve issues with personal computers. Users should understand that costs may be accrued in repairing personal computers. Users should also make every effort to obtain a backup of their important data prior to bringing their computers to CIT. Advice on obtaining backups may be provided by CIT Help Desk staff, as resources permit.

Note: CIT is an authorized repair center for Apple and HP computers, and for HP printers. CIT will work to repair personally owned Apple and HP computers still under warranty, at no cost. CIT will work to repair other Apple and HP computers for a fee.

Safeware Protection Package

The Oberlin Technology Store previously partnered with Safeware to provide warranty coverage and accidental damage protection for computers and mobile devices.

We will continue to honor Safeware warranties for the duration of their life (generally 4 years). If you have any hardware problems with your Safeware-covered laptop, you can bring it to us and we will repair it at no charge to you. Or, if you’re not in Oberlin, contact Safeware (1-800-800-1492) and they will instruct you how to get your computer repaired at no charge.

  • Coverage up to coverage amount or the cost of the device, whichever comes first. (Batteries excluded.)
  • Covers manufacturer’s defects as well as accidental damage (drops, spills, power surge, etc) 
  • Covers power adapters.
  • If you are uncertain of your warranty status, contact us and we can check our records.