CIT supports printing on HP printers in labs (students) and in offices (faculty and staff). CIT is an authorized repair center for HP printer.

Lab Printing

PaperCut, the system CIT uses to control printing in the labs, allows users to see how many pages they've printed and what environmental impact, including carbon and energy usage, that has. Get details on how to print using PaperCut and how to request reimbursements for failed print jobs on the Oberlin Wiki Lab Printing web page.

Office Printing 

Printing in offices is accomplished using a program called iPrint. Office printers are set up by CIT Client Services staff prior to, or as part of, the delivery of new or upgraded computers to faculty and staff. Users may set up office printers themselves by following the instructions on the CIT Wiki .  Note: Printing to office printers cannot be accomplished from residence halls.

Konica Printers

Konica printers are not supported by CIT. Their support comes directly from the vendor, Blue Technologies. If you need technical assistance with any Konica printer, contact Blue Technologies directly at 216-271-5800. Information on receiving support for Konica printers, such as contact information/phone number, should be posted directly on each Konica printer unit.

Any issues with Konica printer support should be directed to the Oberlin’s director of Purchasing and Auxiliary Services, (440) 775-6648.