The OCPass website allows you to change your ObieID password quickly, with instant syncing to OCMail. It offers such new features as the ability to send yourself a text message via SMS to recover your password.

Get Started with OCPass

It is not necessary for you change your password during the enrollment process nor to enter your cell phone number for text message recovery if you prefer not to. However, you must enroll before you can use OCPass to change your password the next time it is due to expire. 

Start the enrollment process for your ObieID at Follow the on screen instructions.

Should you need assistance with the enrollment process, contact the CIT Help Desk at x58197 or


What criteria does my password need to meet?
Your password must:

  • be at least 8 characters long
  • include at least one alphabetic character
  • include at least one numeric character
  • Not be any of your previously used passwords
  • Not be a dictionary word
  • Not include runs of characters (e.g. 123, abc, qwerty)
  • Not include blank spaces
  • Not be any form of your username or name

Does OCPass work on mobile devices?
Yes. You can change your password on iOS and Android devices.

What browsers can I use to access OCPass?
You can use Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox to access OCPass.

Do I have to use VPN to access OCPass off campus?
No. You do not need to use VPN to access OCPass off campus.

What if I don't have a cell phone or don't want to enter my number?
Entering your cell phone number for SMS text message recovery is completely optional. You don’t need to enter your number to enroll.

I recieved an email notification from the OCPass system. What does this mean?
OCPass uses emails to notify you when your password has been changed successfully, when it’s due to expire, and when your password security questions have been updated.

I manage a departmental or student org account. Do I need to enroll that account in OCPass?
Yes. All accounts, individual, departmental, and organizational, will need to be enrolled in OCPass. This means that if you’re an administrator for any of these accounts, you may get more than one enrollment message, one for your group and one for your personal account.