College-Owned Computer Upgrades

Operating System Upgrades

When a new version of an operating system is released, CIT spends quite a bit of time researching, installing, and testing it with applicable office software applications, with printers, in our specific lab environments and with lab software, and on our network.  We do not provide it to users for office computers, nor install it in our labs, until our thorough investigation has been completed.

Once our investigation is done, we will install the new OS using a phased-in approach. That is, we will usually install it in one specific lab to test over a semester period, or longer. We will also provide it to users who desire to be early-adopters, who will then notify CIT of any developing issues or concerns.  Persons desiring to have a particular OS upgrade, should contact the CIT Help Desk at x58197, or at, to have a work order entered.

Computer Replacement

Faculty and staff members whose computers can no longer support their needs can submit a request for a computer replacement. The CIT Wiki has details on how to submit a request and what to expect once you’ve made the request.
Request a replacement computer