CIT issues several types of accounts to members of Oberlin College based on one’s needs and responsibilities.

Such accounts as ObieIDs and Banner (formerly known as PRESTO) are automatically created. If you need to have an account created, for example, an account for a new organization,  download the Account Request Form. Once the form is complete: 

  • Bring it to the CIT Help Desk in the Academic Commons, or
  • Mail it to Oberlin College, CIT Help Desk, 148 West College St., Oberlin, OH 44074, or
  • Send a scanned copy of the completed and signed form to  


Everyone at Oberlin College is assigned an ObieID username and password. Accounts are created automatically for new students in the fall and spring, with account information provided in the New Student Forms or to Oberlin College Mail Room (OCMR) boxes.

New faculty and staff can request an account prior to arrival by completing the acceptable use online form .

This is your main Oberlin College account. Use it for various online resources, including:

OnCampus Classifieds 
Network/Internet Access
Personal Website Accounts
Group Website Accounts
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Lab Computers
Software Downloads

If you are setting up an ObieID for the first time, choose New to Oberlin at left. If you need to reset your password or have troubleshooting problems related to your ObieID, refer to CIT Wiki Password FAQs .

Banner Self-Service (formerly PRESTO)

Banner Self Service is used by students to register for classes; by students who have been admitted but who have not yet paid, for access to financial aid information and the status of their application for financial aid; by faculty to check on the status of students in their classes; and for personal employee data.

Students, faculty, and staff can access Banner Self Service tasks by visiting OberView (

Banner Admin

Banner also has a suite of integrated modules designed for higher education. The main modules implemented at Oberlin College include Student (with sub-modules for Admissions), Financial Aid, Human Resources (including Payroll), Finance, and Accounts Receivable.

Banner accounts are provided to staff as needed. Approval for accounts rests with the various module leaders. Users who require a Banner account must first contact the applicable module leader for approval. The module leader then notifies CIT to create the account.

Module Responsible Office
Position Control Financial Information Systems
Student Registrar
College of Arts and Sciences Admissions College of Arts and Sciences Admissions
Conservatory Admissions Conservatory Admissions
Financial Aid Financial Aid
Finance Financial Information Systems
Human Resources/Payroll Payroll
Accounts Receivable Student Accounts