Center for Information Technology

Technology in the Classroom

CIT supports the use of technology to push teaching and learning forward. 

Classroom Technology Equipment

Each classroom is outfitted with technology to support teaching. There are three basic classroom technology configurations: classrooms with a Meeting Owl, Zoom Basic configurations, and Zoom Room configurations.

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Blackboard is a Learning Management System (LMS) instructors use to host course content online. Explore the tools and resources available to assist with assessment, collaboration, and communication by searching for the Blackboard task in OberView or get additional help by exploring the Blackboard Learn Help site.

Teaching Support

OCTET, which stands for the Oberlin Center for Technologically Enhanced Teaching, works with faculty in specific areas to help implement and maintain the technological resources they use to teach and engage students. OCTET works with faculty and students in four major areas: science research, digital arts, high-end computing, and online teaching tools.

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Technology-Enhanced Classrooms

Many classrooms across campus feature the latest technology—LCD displays, high lumen projectors, and digital control panels. CIT's Audiovisual staff will provide training on the use of specific smart classrooms upon request.

Several locations on campus also have technology supporting videoconferencing that can be used to connect with guest lecturers, content experts in a particular field, or students in another classroom—anywhere in the world. 

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Audiovisual Equipment for Checkout

CIT's Audiovisual Services maintains a cache of equipment including digital audio recorders, cameras, projectors, and screens and this inventory is available for checkout to students, faculty, and staff. Rental charges may apply for non-academic use.

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