CIT has been hard at work all summer and we're excited to share with you all the things we've been up to and what you can expect this semester.

New Tasks in OberView: Blackboard, Obie Dollars Deposits, and Degree Works

OberView was launched this past spring, improving access to Banner self-service functionality with better searchability, mobile-responsiveness, and personalization. Over the summer we added tasks to three important services, Blackboard, Degree Works, and the ability to deposit Obie Dollars online. You'll find these tasks under the New to OberView section of the main page.

Redesigned Placement Exams

CIT has worked with academic departments to redesign the placement exams for German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and Chem 103. This redesign puts them in the same format and makes them more accessible to students and easier for departments to manage. Links to all the exams can be found in Blackboard under the Courses tab.

The new placement exam format will allow for the correlation of questions with student outcomes in the course. Doing so would allow for the validation of questions and provide an even more streamlined and accurate process for placing students in the level where they can succeed but also be challenged.

Online Student Evaluations

CIT is working to implement an online student evaluation system using a tool called SmartEvals. Currently all Conservatory courses are using the online system and about one third of Arts and Sciences departments are taking advantage of this new tool.

If your department is not yet using the new online evaluations but you would like to, please contact Daphne John.

Dongles in Smart Classrooms

Over the summer, CIT equipped the smart classrooms across campus with a suite of dongles, so you won't need worry about forgetting yours when you're teaching or presenting. Each classroom will have HDMI, USB-C, Mini Display, and Display Port connections.

Computers Lab Updates

Windows Labs

CIT has installed all-new HP all-in-one computers in labs across campus. 15 computers were updated in the Biology lab, 25 in the Social Science Data Lab, 2 on the A-Level of Mudd, and 10 in the Academic Commons.

Mac Labs

All labs with Mac computers were updated to the latest release of macOS High Sierra (10.13.6). Browser, productivity (Office, SPSS, etc), and other high-use software has been updated to the latest versions available from their respective vendors.

Discussions about the cycle on which we replace or upgrade computers and ideas for enhancing library and lab experiences through greater understanding of usage are starting and we expect to have many feedback opportunities for staff, faculty, and students.

Reporting Infrastructure

An effort to provide a more robust reporting infrastructure is underway, and includes the implementation of a new reporting tool (Argos from Evisions) and an operational data store (ODS) which will enable improved accessibility across functional areas.

Coming This Fall

This semester, CIT has a lot underway! Three of the biggest initiatives coming to Oberlin are Box, electronic time entry for student employees, and a big, shiny gold shipping crate called Shared_Studios.


Box is a secure file sharing, storage, and collaboration tool and it's coming to Oberlin this fall. More information on how you can get your own personal file storage—with unlimited space—or move the content stored in your current departmental server to the cloud will be coming soon.

Electronic Time Entry for Student Employees

Beginning this fall, many student employees will enter the time they have worked electronically rather than on paper time cards. This new system only applies to students who hold classically-paid positions, that is, they work a number of hours, record those hours, and are paid a certain rate for each hour they have worked. This new system will not apply to students who are paid a flat rate or whose rates vary across hours they’ve worked. More information is coming to students and their supervisors soon.


Shared_Studios™ is a multidisciplinary art, design and technology collective building an Internet you can walk through. Shared_Studios creates interconnected environments around the world that feel spatially continuous and through which participants can engage naturally, life-size, making eye contact.

CIT is bringing one of these big, shiny studios to Wilder Bowl beginning on September 6. This portal will connect to other portals in a variety of locations around the world and is curated — there is someone else that will take care of the logistics. You simply need to indicate what location you want to connect with, what you want to discuss or do, and when you can be there. Then let the curator make the connection. 

Want to request space in the Shared_Studio now? Fill out this request form.