Career Exploration and Development

Junior Practicum Summit & Coursework

The program kicks off with a two-day Summit from Friday, February 25 through Saturday, February 26. The purpose of the Summit is to introduce students to the program through community building, professional skill-development workshops, and conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Beginning in late February/early March 2022, students will participate in weekly career readiness courses led by Career Development Center professional staff members. The purpose of these courses is to provide students with tangible skills related to their career area of interest and to prepare them to apply their classroom knowledge to their summer internship experience. Courses will meet weekly for six weeks during an assigned time one evening per week. There are two Sunday workshops, which are also a part of the course and will take place on Sunday, March 6 and Sunday, April 24. In addition to the financial award, students who successfully complete all components of the Junior Practicum, including the Summit and coursework, will receive one co-curricular credit on their transcript.

Paid Summer Experience

After completing the Junior Practicum Summit and coursework, students will receive up to $4,000 to pursue an 8–12 week internship experience related to their chosen career field. Students are required to submit an itemized budget outlining their requested funding needs.