Career Readiness and Skill-Building Summit

The Career Readiness and Skill-Building Summit will take place virtually, Monday–Friday, between September 8 and October 2. The summit comprises three programming dimensions:

  • Skill-Building and Career Readiness: This content area aims to help Oberlin students build competency with the tools of their future trades, whether that be a coding language, grant writing, public speaking, or anything in between.

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: DEI programming throughout the month will give students the opportunity to apply these values in a professional setting and to consider the role that identity plays in the workplace.

  • Investigating Alternatives for Complex Problems: In this track, students will hear from experts on a range of complex problems who will discuss the skills needed to face tomorrow. Then, students work together in teams to craft a pitch for an idea that would address one of the complex problems, which they will present to a panel of experienced entrepreneurs.

Throughout the month, students will participate in a range of workshops, panels, and presentations designed to build the competencies and perspectives necessary to thrive in a rapidly evolving 21st-century workplace.

Check out the summit booklet for the full schedule and session details.

View the Summit Booklet

About the Presenters

An impressive array of Oberlin alumni, parents, and friends of the college will present on myriad topics within the three programming dimensions listed above. Click below to learn more about the presenters and view recordings of their sessions as they become available. 

Meet the Summit Presenters