Research-Based Project

Groups of five students will have the opportunity to work on one of thirty remote research projects under the guidance of an Oberlin faculty member. Remote research will start in early October (upon the conclusion of the summit) and end in early December. Students will earn up to $800 for their work on their research projects. This research experience offers an invaluable opportunity for students to deepen their academic knowledge, explore areas of study not offered through the formal curriculum, and develop academic skills such as critical thinking, synthesizing information, and formal argumentation.

After you've completed the initial Junior Practicum application, there is an additional step to apply for the research track. Please read the information below regarding the research application and placement:

  1. Research opportunities are limited and cannot be guaranteed for all applicants. 
  2. We understand that you may have specific areas of interest when it comes to conducting academic research. However, please know that the research projects will be pre-determined based on faculty areas of interest and expertise.   
  3. Similar to on-campus research, faculty may have prerequisites to help determine students' readiness for research.

The list of research project offerings is being finalized by the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) and will be added to the Junior Practicum website by July 17th. 

Here is a timeline for research track submissions and review:

  • July 17: You will be emailed the research application from; Final research project offerings added to the Junior Practicum website.
  • July 22: Research Track application due
  • July 31: Applicants are notified whether they have been selected to participate in research track. Applicants not selected for the research track will be automatically considered for a micro-internship.

Research topics will span all academic disciplines offered at Oberlin. Students will have the opportunity to participate in projects researching topics within the arts, humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. A complete list of research projects is forthcoming.

Groups of students will determine their research questions and methodology in collaboration with their faculty mentors during the Winter Term summit. Students will also create a strategic plan to help guide their research during the eight weeks following the summit. All groups will present the results of their research at the conclusion of the experience (in early December). All research projects will last eight weeks (not including the summit) with about ten hours of work each week. The research experience is remote, allowing faculty and students to participate in the experience regardless of where they are based.

If you have questions about research-based projects, please contact

Available Research Projects