Career Communities Micro-Internship

Sponsored by Oberlin alumni and parents, micro-internships provide students with practical experience centered on a student’s Career Community of interest. Remote micro-internships will start in mid-October (after the Summit is over) and will conclude in early December. Students are eligible to earn up to $800 for their remote micro-internship. This micro-internship will give students the chance to demonstrate their career readiness skills and - more importantly - put their liberal arts learning into action.

What is a Micro-Internship?

Micro-internships are short-term, remote experiences in which students connect with professionals in the field to develop new knowledge and skills on a certain topic and career field of interest. 

  • For students, this is a chance to explore a particular industry or career while gaining practical skills and developing their network. These are shorter-term and more flexible opportunities to gain experience than a traditional internship. 
  • For alumni, parents, and community partners, this is an opportunity to gather new perspectives and ideas from students regarding processes, branding, and more, while giving back in a way that directly impacts a student's Oberlin experience.

What is the scope of this experience? 

The fine details of the experience will vary depending on the needs, skills, and goals of the internship sponsor and student. However, the micro-internship should last eight weeks with about ten hours of work each week. The micro-internship is remote, allowing organizations and students to participate in the experience regardless of where they are based.


If you have questions about Career Community micro-internships, please contact