Internship Housing

How can I find cheap (or free) housing during my internship?

This question comes up often, and we understand why. Finding short-term housing in a new city can be challenging, but perseverance and the right resources can help. Some first steps might include:

1. Contact everyone you know with connections in the city where you'll be staying, such as:

  • Long-lost relatives
  • Friends (and friends of friends)
  • Parents of your Oberlin friends from that city
  • Your internship organization or supervisor - they may be able to tell you what interns have done in the past

Ask if they can put you up for awhile. If not, do they have ideas about where to look for housing?

2. Search on Wisr for alumni who volunteered to provide housing. Getting started is easy:

  • Log in to Oberlin's Wisr Community
  • Search for the city or general area you need housing in using the Search Bar
  • Filter for "Providing Housing (up to 1 month)" and "Providing Housing (up to 3
  • months)"
  • Request a phone call or start a chat conversation with an alum

3. Use online sources to widen your search (see the links below to get started).

4. Look into housing options at local colleges and universities. Some rent out dorm rooms on a temporary basis, and some housing offices list sublet advertisements.