Career Exploration and Development

Big Interview

A Full Training Course + A Powerful Practice Tool

When preparing for a job interview, it's not enough to just read advice — you need to put that advice into practice! That's why Big Interview isn't just a training course. You'll also get hands-on practice with mock interviews tailored to your specific industry, job, and experience level.

You can use Big Interview to learn and practice your interview skills, whether you’re interviewing for a job or graduate school.

  • Get coached by an expert. Big Interview gives you cutting edge information about interview best practices.
  • Interview with confidence. Perfect your delivery and conquer your nerves with our interactive mock interview tool.
  • Over 140 Industries & Sets. Big Interview allows you to practice general, behavioral and technical questions.
  • Know Exactly What Questions To Expect. There are thousands of these inside Big Interview, complete with insider insights and expert-crafted sample answers.
  • Craft Great Responses That WOW Interviewers. The “Answer Builder” tool inside Big Interview will help you mine the depths of your memory to find the right stories to tell.
  • Nail your interview. When the competition is tough, it can make the difference between getting an offer and going home empty handed.

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Access the Big Interview
  2. Register using the organization code: 1833
  3. Watch three short videos for an overview of how best to Big Interview.