Justin Crowley, Ph.D. is the Premedical Program Director for Oberlin College. In addition to advising students interested in applying to pre-professional programs in medical and allied health careers, Justin keeps a list of current students interested in health-related careers and sends them relevant information regarding upcoming events and programs. Contact him to be added to this list. To schedule an appointment with Justin, sign in to Oberview, click on AdviseStream and search for available appointments with him. When scheduling, you are able to describe the meeting topic(s) and add attachments.

Alumni may contact Justin Crowley via email or phone to discuss any aspects of applying to medical or other health professions programs.

Justin Crowley, Ph.D.
Premedical Program Director
Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences
Science Center, K102
Oberlin College

On-campus students may also meet with the following faculty advisors on the Health Career Committee:

Joyce Babyak, Religion Department
Yolanda Cruz, Biology Department
Gunnar Kwakye, Neuroscience Department
Will Parson, Chemistry Department and Biochemistry Department
Laura Romberg, Biology Department