Career Exploration and Development


The field of education requires strong communication, collaboration, problem solving, and multicultural competence—that is, many of the skills you’re developing through your liberal arts education at Oberlin.

A teacher stands next to a piano in front of a small class of seated students.
Conservatory Professor of Music Education Jody Kerchner instructs future music educators.
Photo credit: Yevhen Gulenko

Possible Paths

While becoming a teacher may be the most obvious form of an educational career, there are many ways education occurs alongside and outside of the classroom: Through digital resources, co-curricular programs, libraries, and more. Additionally, there are many positions that support educational institutions administratively, as well as providing specialized psychological and social support. There are numerous ways that one can pursue a career in either the K-12 or higher education systems:

K-12 Education

  • Teacher
  • School administrator
  • School librarian
  • Superintendent
  • Behavior analyst
  • School social worker
  • Early childhood education
  • Educational consultant
  • Educational assessment specialist
  • Curriculum and instruction specialist
  • Educational technologist

Higher Education

  • College instructor
  • Student affairs specialist
  • Admissions and enrollment specialists
  • Study away advisor
  • International student advisor
  • Career services specialist
  • Financial aid advisor
  • Curriculum development specialist
  • Educational assessment specialist
  • College mental health counselor
  • University registrar
  • University librarian

The following resources provide a variety of job search databases related to both K-12 and higher education.

Higher Education

K-12 Education

Teaching Overseas

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Education Jobs & Internships

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