Mission Statement

Oberlin College's Career Development Center helps students and recent alumni in the College of Arts and Sciences and the Conservatory of Music identify and achieve meaningful career objectives that build upon their Oberlin education and experiences.

We support the career development process through services that:

  • Enhance self-awareness of interests, values and talents
  • Encourage exploration of future paths
  • Provide opportunities to acquire knowledge and experience
  • Develop skills for effective self-presentation

Vision Statement

The Career Development Center offers group and individual counseling as well as experiential opportunities that complement all students' learning and experiences during their time at Oberlin. As a result of our work and partnerships with a variety of constituents, college of arts and sciences and conservatory students will turn their diverse talents and passions into resources for influence and success in their professions, communities, and a global society.

Core Values

  • We welcome and support all students on their path to finding meaningful, rewarding opportunities.
  • We continually strive to ensure that our services are relevant to the current needs of Oberlin College students.
  • We recognize that all students have unique needs. We support their interests, encourage their development, listen to their ideas, and connect them to resources that facilitate and engage learning.
  • We provide access to all opportunities offered by hiring organizations that adhere to Oberlin College policies.
  • We promote student choice and teach decision-making.

  • We hold ourselves accountable to the highest personal and professional standards.
  • Staff members provide honest, knowledgeable, and constructive guidance, and maintain the highest level of confidentiality with any information that is shared.
  • We will always behave ethically, and we will always encourage others to behave ethically in any matters related to Oberlin College and its students. We will adhere to the College's policy of business conduct.

  • We are committed to maintaining and fostering partnerships with the Oberlin community and beyond to deliver innovative career and professional programs.
  • It will be our practice to display a willingness to go "the extra mile" to ensure the success of such collaborative efforts.

  • We use a systematic assessment cycle to promote a culture of learning, improvement and accountability within our office.
  • We provide our community with information and evidence that demonstrates both operational and mission effectiveness.
  • We assume individual and collective responsibility for completing tasks and achieving measurable results.

  • We are optimistic in our approach, daring in our vision and plans, and welcoming when confronted with new ideas.
  • We seek innovative practices and services that benefit our students and contribute to the larger Oberlin community.
  • We embrace technology as an enhancement of teaching and learning and as an enabling resource to provide effective access to services, information and knowledge.