Campus Safety

Response Procedures

Be alert to changing weather conditions, and listen to NOAA Weather Radio, commercial weathercasts, community alert systems.

Know where the safe areas are in the buildings you most frequent. Be prepared to take shelter immediately if a tornado warning is issued, or if you see approaching storms indicating a tornado. Help alert others nearby to the hazard before taking shelter.

If you are in a structure:

  • Go to a pre-designated shelter area, if marked; if not seek safe space in a basement, lowest building level, or center of an interior room (interior hallway, closet, etc.) away from windows, doors, and outside walls. Put as many walls as possible between you and the outside.
  • Get under a sturdy table and use your arms to protect your head and neck. Do not open windows.
  • Stay out of elevators and away from glass walls, gyms, auditoriums, and other free-span areas.

If you are outside and can’t reach shelter: 

  • Lie flat in a depression or ditch and cover your head with your hands. Be aware of potential flooding.
  • Watch out for flying debris; never try to outrun a tornado in a vehicle. Instead leave the vehicle for safer shelter.

After the storm has passed, check for injuries and call Campus Safety (ext. 8911 or (440) 775-8911) or Emergency 911 to summon help immediately. Be aware of possible safety issues such as debris, downed power lines, utility leaks and unsafe structures.