November 8, 2019 9:00 AM

Break time is around the corner, and many students will be leaving the area for a well-earned vacation.  Some will “staycation” here in the Northeast Ohio area to take advantage of the many holiday activities and entertainment options that we enjoy at this festive time of the year.

No matter what your holiday plans are, you may consider using a rideshare as your preferred transportation. There are many rideshare options available, including Uber and Lyft. Both services are similar, and many drivers work for both companies. 

Here are some tips to help keep your rideshare experience full of holiday cheer:

Use the App. Lyft and Uber both have an app that is available on iTunes and Google Play.  The App is the safest way to summon and use these services in addition to being full of safety features to ensure your ride is safe, priced right and that you’re treated properly.  The Apps supply route planning tools as well as safety, history, car information and feedback options on your driver.  The Apps connect to your credit card for cash-free transactions, including tipping.  Additionally, GPS powered maps track your route so that you can ensure that the drive is taking the best or correct route.

Wait inside. Avoid standing outside with a phone in your hands waiting for rides. It may alert passing motorists that you are waiting to be picked up. Because you can track your driver’s progress with the App, wait until the driver is close before venturing outside.

Confirm the details. When your car arrives, confirm the driver’s name, Car Tag number, and destination. The correct driver will know all this information from the App. The driver should know your name as well.

Keep your information private. “Small talk” is OK, but refrain from sharing personal information with the driver. Passenger information is encrypted so that the driver can’t access your information for a reason.

Ride in the back. Even if you are the only rider, it is always safer to ride in the back seat. It increases personal space and gives you safe options for exiting the vehicle from either side of the vehicle.

Carry personal belongings. Frequently personal belongings left in these vehicles are difficult and frequently not recovered.

Share your trip. Both Uber and Lyft Apps allow riders to share ride information with friends and family, including real-time progress. Uber used “Share Status” and Lyft uses “Send ETA “ buttons as a safety feature for riders.

These are just a few tips and to keep your travels safe and fun. Campus Safety wishes you a safe and happy holiday season. For more tips, contact Crime Prevention Manager and Supervisor Tyrone Wicks by email at

Tyrone Wicks
Campus Safety Supervisor