Campus Bulletin: Current Students, Faculty and Staff, Parents, ObieSafe

Update: November Move-Out and January Move-In

November 2, 2020 3:30 PM

Meredith Raimondo, Dean of Students

Revised 11/16/20

Dear Obies,

Hello on a beautiful fall day—take a moment to enjoy the leaves dancing in the breeze.

I’m writing with some additional information and clarification around November move-out and January move-in. Thanks to those of you who reached out with questions—you helped us understand where more clarity is needed. I hope everyone finds this email helpful. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding for the steps we need to take to manage the residential program in the context of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Regarding move-out:

Am I required to pack all of my belongings?

Yes, please pack everything in your room. All items should be placed in sealed packing boxes with your name and mailing address clearly visible. Oberlin suspected this pandemic could throw us a curveball, so we are prepared to adjust to changing circumstances, including revisiting the remainder of the academic calendar for 2020-21. This is the main reason we asked all students in campus housing to pack up their belongings in boxes before leaving for Thanksgiving. This additional step ensures that if public health concerns preclude us from having students return to campus next semester, students can return to pick up their belongings when conditions ease or they can arrange for shipping should this be required.

If you are not returning for the spring semester, you must move everything out and leave your room clean. Look for the Res Ed graphic describing these requirements in an upcoming communication.

What if my belongings are too large or the wrong shape for boxes?

Any items that do not fit into a box (such as a bicycle or refrigerator) may be left in your room if you are planning to return to campus for the Spring Semester. Please securely attach your name and mailing address to the item with packing tape. 

Will staff enter my room when I am gone?

As happens every year, Student Life and Facilities staff will enter your room to inspect conditions and execute repairs. They will not move your items unless they are blocking access or shipping becomes necessary.  Please review the Res Ed check-out guidelines to ensure your room is left clean and properly secured.

Shipping everything that I brought seems very difficult—are there alternatives?

Boxing your belongings is part of our preparedness plan in the event students are unable to return to campus. This ensures that if public health concerns preclude us from having students return next semester, students can pick up their belongings when conditions ease or they can arrange for shipping should this be required. You are welcome to leave your boxes in your room, where they will remain, however, if students are unable to return to campus, your items may be shipped to you at your cost.  We encourage you to take as many of your belongings with you as possible due to the uncertainty related to COVID-19.  Our goal is to plan appropriately should the pandemic take an unexpected turn. 

How do I get boxes and tape for my belongings?  Is the College providing these materials?

Students in College housing were eligible to pick up five boxes and two rolls of tape.

Students are responsible for acquiring any additional boxes. Consider supporting one of our local businesses if you need to purchase additional shipping materials.

May my family help me leave campus?

You may have up to two family members assist you if you are taking items from your room and need help packing a vehicle. Family members should visit Campus Safety for a temperature check and symptoms screening before entering any campus residence.

Regarding move-in:

When am I supposed to arrive? Do all juniors come on January 6?

Juniors should report to campus according to the building to which you were assigned. New first years and transfer students should report to campus on January 6, regardless of housing assignment.

January 3:

  • East
  • Langston
  • Off-campus students

January 4:

  • Harkness
  • Bailey
  • Barnard
  • Barrows
  • Burton
  • Kahn
  • Noah
  • Quadrangle
  • Zechiel

January 5:

  • Allencroft
  • Baldwin
  • Dascomb
  • Harvey
  • Johnson
  • Kade
  • Lord
  • Price
  • Saunders
  • South
  • Talcott
  • Old Barrows
  • Tank

January 6:

  • All first-year and transfer students arriving on campus for the first time this year
  • All Village housing

I hope this information is helpful. Thank you again on behalf of all the staff who will be working to close campus for the fall and reopen in January. We appreciate your understanding of the challenges of this moment, and your patience with the requests we have made of you. If you have additional questions or concerns around move-out and/or move-in, please contact the Dean of Students office at 440-775-8462.

Wishing you a very good week, with hopes that all who are eligible will vote in this week’s election.


Meredith Raimondo
Vice President and Dean of Students