Campus Bulletin: Current Students, Parents, ObieSafe

Things to do off-campus and guidance for traveling locally

September 18, 2020 3:00 PM

Office of the Dean of Students

Per the Temporary Travel Policy, “students are not permitted to travel outside of greater Cleveland except in urgent circumstances.” Students have requested more clarification on this policy, which we address here.

Definition of “Greater Cleveland area”

Students may travel in the greater Cleveland area without requesting special permission. For the purposes of this policy, we are defining this as any location that is within Lorain County or Cuyahoga County.

Driving safely

Due to cars being enclosed spaces, we recommend the following guidelines for traveling in a vehicle:

  • Limit passengers to one per row of seating (i.e. typical sedan holding two passengers).
  • Stagger riders to opposite sides of the vehicle (i.e. rider should sit in back row on passenger side.
  • When possible, please keep the windows open to increase air-flow.

Staying safe during when going off campus

While traveling off campus, please follow the guidance in the Off-Campus Engagement Policy.

Q. Am I allowed to visit local businesses and restaurants or go to Cleveland?

A. Yes. Students are still expected, even for non-Oberlin-sponsored events, to adhere to all applicable governmental laws, orders, ordinances, and guidance [ObieSafe], without placing themselves or others at risk.

Local recommendations

Cleveland is a great area with many options to shop and explore. Here are a few recommendations of places to visit or activities to do while following the ObieSafe guidelines:


Outdoor shopping

  • Crocker Park - Westlake, Ohio (approximate 30-minute drive)


We hope you have the chance to safely explore the Cleveland area. As a reminder, please follow all ObieSafe guidelines while traveling to keep our campus safe!