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ObieSafe Weekly: September 1, 2021

September 1, 2021 10:30 AM

Office of Communications

ObieSafe: Caring for our Community (with squirrel mascot)

COVID-19 vaccines required for faculty and staff

Last week, the Food and Drug Administration gave full approval of the Pfizer vaccine. On August 27, President Carmen Ambar announced that all faculty and staff must become fully vaccinated to maintain Oberlin’s layered health care strategy.

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Guidelines after COVID-19 exposure on campus: what happens next

Oberlin contact tracers will use a set of policies and guidelines to inform their decisions. Refer to this flowchart for the specific procedures.

ObieSafe policy updates and frequently asked questions

Oberlin’s COVID-19 policies have been developed after review of Oberlin College and county data and in consultation with Lorain County Public Health and University Hospitals. Policies are subject to change based on the evolving recommendations of public health entities. Read the latest policy updates and Fall 2021 FAQ.

Bring proof of vaccination to campus

Many off-campus opportunities throughout the academic year may require proof of vaccination status. Students will need to provide their own proof of vaccination when requested by off-campus entities. Oberlin is unable to provide a copy of a student's proof of vaccination, even after uploading to Student Health. Bring your vaccine card or image of your card with you to campus.

Sign the 2021-2022 Community Agreement

Students choosing to enroll for the 2021-2022 academic year should complete the Community Agreement by September 10. Sign the Community Agreement form.

How to upload your vaccination card


  1. Open your Student Health Portal by clicking on the link from the OC Student Health website or through Oberview (Medicat).
  2. Click on the IMMUNIZATION tab, click Enter Dates, and scroll down to Covid -19 vaccine. Enter the date(s) you had the vaccine administered. SUBMIT.
  3. Take a picture of your immunization card given to you at the time of vaccination. Click on the UPLOADS tab, select Immunization record, click Select File and choose the verification of your Covid-19 vaccine to submit. UPLOAD.


  1. Take a picture of your COVID-19 vaccination card and save it to your computer or Android device (Note: You cannot use an iPhone or iPad to submit your card).
  2. Navigate to OberView in Firefox, Chrome, Edge, or Internet Explorer from a computer or Android device and click on the Upload COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card task.
  3. Read the instructions, fill out the form, attach the image of your card, and click Submit.

Once reviewed by Human Resources, you will receive a notification that your card has been accepted or rejected. Rejection reasons may include attaching the incorrect image, the image being unreadable, or entering vaccination information on the form that is different than what is on the card.

Don’t forget to get your flu shot, too!

​​Students are required to get an influenza vaccine prior to arriving on campus.

Students who are currently on campus can contact Student Health to schedule a vaccine when it becomes available (440) 775-8180 or

Students arriving from countries that do not offer the influenza vaccine will be able to receive a vaccine through Student Health when it becomes available (440) 775-8180 or

Students who would like to request an influenza vaccination exemption should submit documentation to Student Health.

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