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ObieSafe Weekly: October 6, 2020

October 6, 2020 12:00 PM

Office of Communications

Safe practices for voting; using the Access Pass feature

Obie Safe Weekly: Caring for Our Community. (The squirrel mascot is wearing a mask.)

Coronavirus Testing Results
September 30–October 5 
New Tests 328
New Positives 0
% Positive 0.00%
More information on testing and test results is available at the ObieSafe website.

Get tested

Transcription follows.
Created for ObieSafe by the talented Beth Wolfensberger Singer P’19.

An Oberlin student with a face mask is waiting to be tested for COVID-19.

Student: (To self, while thinking about a bubble answer sheet and a freshly-sharpened pencil) As college-related testing goes, this does beat the SAT, ACT, or any AP.
Medical Professional: Ready for the swab?
Student: (Looking a bit nervous) Sure!
Student: (To self) OK, not the best time to be thinking about freshly-sharpened number two pencils.

OC Votes. Engaging in democracy.

National Voter Education Week: Keeping yourself safe and knowing the issues

ObieSafe is collaborating with Oberlin College’s Voter Friendly Campus Coalition this week as we observe National Voter Education Week, October 5 through October 9. Each daily “Day of Action” will focus on a key area that is important to observe leading up to Election Day on November 3, and precautionary COVID-19 safe practices that are applicable to that area. Check out the Campus Digest for more details on each day.

  • Monday: #VoteReady—Last day to register to vote
  • Tuesday: #MailReady—Request your mail-in ballot
  • Wednesday: #VotePlanReady—Make a plan to vote
  • Thursday: #BallotReady—Learn what’s on your ballot
  • Friday: #WeReady2020—Level up your voting engagement

Read about COVID-safe practices for voting in the general election

Masked students coming out of King Building.
Photo credit: Tanya-Rosen Jones ’97

Reminder to download Access Pass

As part of Oberlin’s COVID-19 strategy, our campus community has already been completing a daily symptom survey. Members of our campus community will now begin to receive a daily access pass after completing their symptom survey each day. The pass can be added to a mobile wallet on Apple or Android, or users can elect to receive their pass via email.

The implementation of these campus access passes allows the college to ensure students, faculty, and staff have taken the time each day to assess their overall health and are healthy enough to be on campus. Such passes also help when contact tracing is needed, particularly when they are scanned for entry or access to a particular part of campus.

Read more about the Access Pass feature

COVID epidemiology explained

Throughout most of 2020, we have been getting daily updates on the progression of the COVID-19 pandemic. During the past 10 months, we have seen the number of cases and deaths increase. This reporting gives us a limited outlook on the virus development and the rationale for the public health response. Watch this space in upcoming ObieSafe issues for a deep dive into the COVID numbers.

A masked student sitting on a bench reading a book.
Photo credit: Tanya Rosen-Jones ’97

Approved travel: What happens when you return to campus

In cases where students have been approved for a temporary travel request, they are expected to adhere to protocols upon their return. 

When returning to campus, students must first check in with Campus Safety. Campus Safety will escort students to their housing assignment to pack anything needed during their time in the quarantine dorm. Your quarantine dorm room will have sheets on the bed, a blanket, pillow case, towels, washcloths, a welcome kit and a cold kit. Please bring your pillow and additional bedding for comfort as the weather is turning chilly. Campus Safety will initiate the protocol concerning meal delivery and other necessary information to be shared. Your ESA is welcome to quarantine with you, of course!

Students will quarantine for at least seven days, perhaps more, in the quarantine dorm upon their return from travel. A PCR test must be taken after five days (or 120 hours) in quarantine and the student must remain in the quarantine dorm until they receive a clear test result. Once the student receives a clear test result, they may then return to their assigned housing.  Please contact the Dean of Students office at 440-775-8462 in advance of approved travel if you have questions concerning quarantine. 

Tip of the week: Use Zoom’s chat feature to virtually drop in on a coworker

Did you know that you can “drop in” on a colleague remotely? Rather than visiting a faculty or staff member’s physical office, members of the campus community are strongly encouraged to contact a colleague through the Zoom app from your phone or computer—no scheduling necessary!

Read on for detailed instructions

Free one-day PCR testing for community members will be held Friday

Lorain County Health & Dentistry will work with the Ohio National Guard, Lorain County Public Health, and the City of Oberlin to conduct a free, one-day COVID-19 testing event in Oberlin. This service is independent of the Oberlin College testing protocol.

Read more about the Free COVID-19 Community Testing Event

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