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ObieSafe Weekly: November 3, 2020

November 3, 2020 12:00 PM

Office of Communications

November testing options; how to prevent and manage burnout.

Obie Safe Weekly: Caring for Our Community. (The squirrel mascot is wearing a mask.)

Coronavirus Testing Results
October 27–November 2
New Tests 601
New Positives 1
% Positive 0.17%
More information on testing and test results is available at the ObieSafe website.


Transcription follows.
Created for ObieSafe by the talented Beth Wolfensberger Singer P’19.

A student sits up in bed, tapping on their smartphone. Thought bubbles: “This app greets me cheerfully every morning, asks me a whole lot of questions, then reminds me to be careful. The sequence feels familiar.” Holds up phone to examine it. “Mom? You in there somehow?” 

Final flu shot results as of October 29

  • Students: 1,574
  • Faculty and staff: 499
  • Total flu shots provided: 2,073

Test result delay during the Thanksgiving holiday

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, results from tests taken on Monday, November 23, will not be delivered until Friday, November 27, at the earliest. If you are in need of results prior to November 27, consider rescheduling your test for earlier in the month as availability allows, or taking an additional test through an outside source. You MUST still be tested with Oberlin in the month of November. 

Read more about November testing options.

Give us your best song parody!

Gray skies and cooler temperatures slowing you down? Take a break from whatever you’re doing and enter our Covid Song Parody Competition! The rules are simple: it must be a relatively familiar song, and the focus of your parody must be on “life in Covid times” (you are welcome to interpret that however you wish). Your parody also must include at least three references to Oberlin-related things (ex.: Tappan Square, womb chairs, Charles Finney). Extra credit will go to any entry that features collaboration with others, especially across class years.

Each participant in the winning team will receive a $100 gift certificate from a local business of their choosing (up to $500 per team), and will be featured in a future ObieSafe Weekly. Additional prizes may be awarded for honorable mention.

The competition is open to all students, faculty, and staff, and entries must be submitted by Friday, November 13, to (Need some inspiration? The LA Times has you covered!)

Questions we’ve been asked

Q. Who can be a guest?

A. A person may be a guest in your space as long as they are participating in the Oberlin College and Conservatory of Music COVID-19 testing process. Students studying remotely are not tested and are not permitted on campus. You can have two guests per current resident. You must be able to maintain physical distancing of 6 feet apart. There can be no more than 10 people—you count toward that total.

Q. Can guests stay overnight?

A. No guests are permitted to stay the night in residential housing.

Keep in mind, sometimes conversations are not enough, so use the noncompliance form to keep everyone safe. Read the full policy on guests and access to campus

Recognizing the signs of burnout—and how it can be alleviated

The first step in preventing and managing burnout is knowing what to look for. Read about the causes of burnout and how you can help yourself and others.

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