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ObieSafe Weekly: January 12, 2021

January 12, 2021 4:15 PM

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Winter Oberland coming soon; preparing for your arrival later this month

Obie Safe Weekly: Caring for Our Community. (The squirrel mascot is wearing a mask.)

Coronavirus Testing Results
January 6–11
New Tests 248
New Positives 0
% Positive 0.00%
The data reported above reflect Oberlin’s testing protocol only. Cumulative totals and information on testing procedures are available at the ObieSafe website.

Coming soon: Winter Oberland

Winter Oberland graphic with snowflakesThe college is excited to launch a Winter Oberland initiative. From February 5 through March 14, Wilder Bowl will be the site of winter attractions and activities, including an ice skating rink, ice sculptures, fire pits, and more! More information and details will be announced before arrival for the spring term.

One thousand Obies watch Health Care Pillar Webinar

On January 6, President Carmen Twillie Ambar hosted a live webinar on how to remain healthy and safe during the Spring Semester. The hourlong program, which attracted an audience that exceeded the college’s Zoom capacity of 1,000 people, kicked off with an announcement from President Ambar about vaccine distribution, and updates from Lorain County Public Health and other members of Oberlin’s Health Team. A majority of time was dedicated to questions and answers.

A recording of the webinar will be available until 5 p.m. Wednesday, January 13, and answers to the questions asked by attendees have been added to the Spring FAQ.

Oberlin follows 14-day quarantine policy

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) updated its quarantine guidelines in December 2020. The CDC states that local public health authorities determine and establish the quarantine options for their jurisdictions. The CDC currently recommends a 14-day quarantine period, which the Lorain County Public Health Department (LCPH) fully supports. Oberlin follows LCPH guidelines so we will continue to quarantine individuals exposed to COVID-19 for 14 days, with day one beginning the day after the last exposure.  

Individuals who quarantine less than 14 days can potentially transmit the virus. The CDC recognized that there are some situations in which a shorter quarantine may be warranted. However, Oberlin chooses to use the strategies that are most effective in preventing viral spread so we will implement a 14-day policy for all students, faculty and staff.

All students placed in quarantine will have a PCR test. A negative PCR result does not change the length of quarantine as the virus can become active at any point in the 14-day period. The test helps the college identify asymptomatic carriers, which will activate the contact tracing process.

Preparing for your arrival in late January

In order to maintain physical distancing at the COVID-19 testing site, residence halls, and dining halls, students will return to campus by zone. 

Read about what you need to do before coming to campus.

Questions we've been asked

Questions asked at the January 6, 2021 webinar have been added to Spring 2021 FAQ.

Q. Will students who were off campus in the fall be required to get a flu shot?

A. All students must upload evidence of a flu shot to the health portal in order to reside and/or take classes on campus in spring or summer 2021. If you were not on campus this fall, talk to your health care provider or visit one of the many locations such as pharmacies providing flu shots. 

Read more in the Health: Vaccines & Flu Shots section of the Spring 2021 FAQ.

COVID epidemiology explained: Vaccine nuances

The public health community has seen a decline in vaccine compliance. Read some quick facts about how vaccines work.

Statement of service for insurance

For those students with insurance coverage for our asymptomatic testing protocol, students may request a statement of service to support their insurance claims. Student requests for a statement of service should be forwarded to Karen Purvis, account manager with Harness Health, at It is important that these requests come from the student and include the student's T#. 

Sign up for February tests through OberView

Students, faculty, and staff who will be on campus this spring and do not have a health restriction precluding them from being tested must be screened for COVID-19. Please schedule your February COVID-19 test. You will receive a separate email to schedule monthly appointments when testing schedules are available for sign-up.

Begin by watching this video tutorial on how to schedule your test. Beginning in January, you will schedule all of your COVID-19 tests through the COVID-19 Test Appointment Scheduling task in OberView. This new scheduling system allows you to view your own upcoming appointments and reschedule through OberView as needed.

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