Photo of Brittnei Sherrod in white blouse leaning against a wall.
  • Senior Assistant Director of Admissions


BA, geology; minor in religion, Oberlin College


As an Oberlinian and Obie, I had the advantage of growing up and studying in the small, yet largely rich with heritage city of Oberlin, located in Northeast Ohio in the Black River Watershed just 35 miles from Cleveland.  

I graduated from Oberlin College in 2011, with a major in geology and a minor in religion. Since graduating, I have worked as a student conservation association archeology curate intern, GeoCorps Astronomy intern, AmeriCorps college guide, and a substitute teacher here in the Oberlin City School District. Through my experiences, I have developed a passion for civic engagement, media development, and of course, all things Oberlin.

I have fostered my passions through work as a Bonner Scholar, volunteer ranger, and AmeriCorps college guide by directing and editing informational and educational videos for the National Park Service, and staying involved in the Oberlin community. 

As senior assistant director and coordinator of multicultural recruitment, I look forward to meeting and reviewing applications of future Obies. Oberlin is a unique college and town that offers a diverse community that allows individuals who live here the opportunity to develop personally and professionally. Feel free to send me an email so that we can discuss the opportunities Oberlin has to offer you.


Georgia, Illinois, North Carolina, South Carolina