Brittnei Sherrod ’11

  • Director, Bonner Scholars Program
  • Director, Bonner Center Communications



  • BA, geology; minor in religion, Oberlin College


As an Oberlinian and Obie, I had the advantage of growing up immersed in the small, yet largely rich-with-heritage city of Oberlin. I graduated from Oberlin College in 2011, with a major in geology and a minor in religion. Since graduating, I have worked with the Student Conservation Association, AmeriCorps, and Oberlin College Admissions Office. Through my experiences, I have developed a passion for civic engagement, digital communications, and of course, all things Oberlin.

I have fostered my passions through work as an Oberlin Bonner Scholar as a student and active member of the Oberlin community. I started by volunteering as a teen during the summers with the Oberlin Heritage Center (OHC). As an Obie, I was proud to make OHC my service site taking on more of a leadership role. After graduating and settling in Oberlin, I reconnected with OHC by becoming a trustee.

Oberlin is a unique college and town that offers individuals who live here the opportunity to develop personally and professionally. As the director of the Bonner Scholars Program, I look forward to engaging with scholars and connecting with community partners.

Fall 2023

Introduction to Bonner Life — LEAD 105


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May 15, 2023

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