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Tell Us A Story: Oberlin Blogger Application, Fall 2016

August 29, 2016

Ma'ayan Plaut ’10

Do you have the ideas, drive, and chops to be an Oberlin blogger? (We think you do; you're an Obie, aren't you?) Applications are due on Friday, September 16, 2016.

Tell us a story.

Or more accurately, tell us two stories. Submit two sample blog posts recounting an experience you've had at Oberlin (or because of Oberlin). Telling where and when is a good start, but dig deep in your storytelling: show us why this story is important and how it came to be.

Three things to consider while writing these stories:

  • Audience. The Oberlin blogs are primarily for prospective students and their families who are learning more about Oberlin and the people, experiences, and opportunities here.
  • Emotion. Through your narrative, make us care about you, your experience, and your perspective.
  • Media. Words will be your primary means of telling your story, but feel free to include other media that supports your narrative (like drawings, photographs, videos, audio clips, or music).

Here's the deal once you're on the team:

We behind the scenes at the Oberlin blogs are here to make your great work shine and assure that it's seen by lots of people. Here's how we work together to make your blog the best it can be:

We team up. The other members of the blogging team are your supporters and coworkers. Together, we cheer each other on, read each other's posts, collaborate on blogging projects, and participate in blogging workshops. Though the act of writing a post might be solitary, the thinking and development of your work is a communal effort.

We share our work. Now that you've created a great post, we've got to tell people it's there. As an Oberlin blogger, reading and sharing Oberlin blog posts is built into your role as a member of the team. From an editorial standpoint, we feature blog posts prominently in our storytelling in print and online. In the past, blog content has been included in admissions print pieces, on the Oberlin website, in emails, tweets, Instagram posts, and so much more (and don't worry, we always give credit where credit is due).

We pay you. We want blogging to be an accessible opportunity for all students as a work-study experience. You produce, you get paid. (That's how all creative work should be.)

Okay. That's the hard part. The nitty gritty details are as follows:

In addition to applying to the job through the Oberlin jobs portal (seriously, we can't review your application materials if you haven't done it), please write to us at apply@blogs.oberlin.edu with the following additional information:

  • Your two stories.
  • Your major or intended major.
  • A brief overview of what you do outside of class (athletics, student organizations, etc.).
  • Your local residence (dorm or off-campus) as well as your hometown.
  • A few sentences on why you want to be an Oberlin blogger.

All blogger applications are due on September 16, and if you're a finalist, interviews will take place the following week.

Ready? GO! We look forward to reviewing your applications!

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