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Rachel Finn-Lohmann ’18

Hi, I’m Rachel, and I blog mostly in lists. So, here’s a list of things you should know about me:

1.I’m currently a sophomore living in a quad in South Hall. My roommates are the best ever and they make me very happy.

2.I’m from Los Angeles, California. I like the beach. I like the sun. Oberlin winters are tough for me.

3.I tutor with America Reads at the Boys and Girls Club and Eastwood Elementary School.

4.I eat in Old Barrows co-op. Cooking has never been my strong suit but I’m slowly learning to be helpful in the kitchen.

5.I’m a Capricorn, a middle child, and a vegetarian.

6.I spend a lot of time reading and writing, for classes and for fun. I usually prefer reading novels and writing short stories.

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