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Pang Fei Chiang ’19

Hello, everyone! My name is Pang and I am a third-year politics and environmental studies double major. I come from Malaysia, a multiracial country blessed with an abundance of different cuisines, so that really means good food; I can’t say the same about the climate, though (it’s hot and humid all year round in case you’re wondering. How hot? Like in the 100s).

Outside of the classroom, I work for the Office of Communications as a student photographer, so I take photos of different events on campus. I also eat in Third World dining coop, where I am currently the membership coordinator (it’s a really tight-knit community if you’re into good food and social justice!). I am also the treasurer for the International Student Organization.

I’m interested in discourse on social and environmental justice, MBTI, psychology, languages and culture, and movies. (I’m also on Facebook a tad too much.)

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