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August 27, 2009

Zoe McLaughlin ’11

First, a plug for the Oberlin College Symphony (formerly known as the College Orchestra): There's an interest meeting on Sunday, 9/6 at 8:00 in Wilder 115. Come by if you're interested in playing in the orchestra and want to find out more!

* * *

I've been back on campus for a week now, working in the dining hall. And that's about all I'm going to say about that. The job is as expected--I'm washing dishes and serving food, interspersed with bouts of catering. I actually got to spend yesterday evening at the president's house. Of course, I was part of the help, but I try not to advertise that fact.

Other than working, I've been slowly unpacking. My roommate and I have an awesome room this year. We each have our own tiny room, along with a shared common room in the middle. Unfortunately, in my last-minute packing frenzy, I left half my posters at home, so half my walls are bare. That's okay, though. The two most important--my Animorphs poster and my periodic table--were transported back to school safely.

Science and science fiction.

I've also been crashing international students' events. The first year international students came last weekend, and since my RA is from Shanghai and deeply embroiled in their affairs, she kept inviting me to events, and I kept going. The karaoke night was my favorite because, although I'm no good at singing (there are reasons that I picked the violin), I rather enjoy singing "My Heart Will Go On" with a bunch of people I barely know.

The rest of the first years arrived on Tuesday, and since I (thankfully) didn't have to work breakfast that morning, I spent some time hanging out with Asia House's RA's, waiting for our first years to arrive. We have twenty new people this year--nineteen first years and a transfer student--which seems like a huge number, but it should be exciting getting to meet all of them.

My RA's, working hard.

Now, for me, it's off to the dining hall again, for an exciting evening of dishes.

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