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Music and More #8 - Bailey Myers, Part 2

January 29, 2015

Hannah Parkins ’16 and Davis Erickson ’16

Welcome to Music and more #8, Part 2 of our conversation with the brilliant Bailey Myers! This is not our typical podcast and it was recorded way back in 2014. If you haven't yet, please go listen to Part 1 (it's a good'n) before enjoying this episode. We hope you enjoy the kind of organic babbling that only occurs between 3 illustrious friends of the same opinion about soaps. In this episode, you'll learn all about Grady, soap, the Patriarchy, personality types, siblings, preferred clothing, how Davis and Hannah first bonded, brunch, and Grady's license plate in Boston (spoiler: may or may not be his mother driving).

Since Bailey is literally the best person, we talked for a long time about all the things, so be expecting a third and final part some time soon.

  • Soap is overrated 1:25
  • Donate to Hannah Parkins Body Wash Fund (HPBWF) 2:58
  • "I would use Bacon flavored soap," says Davis at 3:55
  • Brief Mention of the Patriarchy 4:08-4:15
  • Bailey's Favorite Article of Clothing 4:23 (For Loose Leggings, skip to 5:50)
  • Emily and Shrimp Sweatshirt, Positive Reinforcement Wake-Up Chart 6:08
  • Emily Robinson is Awesome and Has an Etsy 6:50
  • How Davis and Hannah Bonded through Oatmeal, Sleeping and Music History 7:16
  • Davis is Mean to Hannah about the False Association between Modest Mussorgsky and Modest Mouse 7:53 lol
  • Personality Types! 8:05
  • Brief Mention of the Patriarchy 10:32
  • Davis' Personality Type is ISFJ Everyone 10:48
  • Grady Neofascism/Economics in Boston and his Hilarious License Plate (Hi Brandan) 11:03
  • Hannah Talks about her Sisters (Hi Emma) 12:44
  • "I work with Emma at Safety and Security," says Bailey at 13:15
  • All About Brunch 13:40
  • Bailey's Younger Brothers Will (11) and Ted (16) 14:09
  • Have a great day! Go out and eat some oatmeal.
Love, Your Friendly Neighborhood Podcasting Team, M&M

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