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Music and More #6 - Professor Pau, Part 2 of 2

December 6, 2014

Hannah Parkins ’16 and Davis Erickson ’16

Hi M&M's! Welcome to part 2 of our conversation with Professor of Music Theory Dr. Andrew Pau. Listen to part one if you haven't already. We hope you enjoy the rest of our conversation with the Good Doctor.

  • 0:28 Can you speak a bit about what you research?

  • 1:33 Importance of representing different voices within academia

  • 3:10 What have you been listening to lately & have you been listening for fun?

  • 4:11 T-Swift plug

  • 4:52 Engaging with pop music

  • 5:06 What other media have you been consuming?

  • 5:54 Summers

Until next time,

Team H&D

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